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I made a mage, from like 1-10, then sorcerer from 10-23. But turns out sorcerer bores the hell out of me its like playing watch the cast bar only to either get 2 shot by a stronger baddy or it finally go off and i dont do as much damage for the length of time im casting. I wanted something a bit more fast paced with more face smashing. And perhaps stabbing. This is my first playthrough and was wondering where a good direction is to go from here i could go mystic knight which im strongly considering. Not sure if i should grab some levels in warrior or something to get stronger for the hybrid. Or i could go magick archer which i heard is a load of fun. And i think i only need magic for it. Or i could just remake as an assassin, any ideas?

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I personally found Strider to be my favorite class in the game. It gives you nice flexibility between range and melee and speed to avoid enemies if necessary and also climb the bigger ones. Even the upper classes didn't have all the same moves I enjoyed so much.

Mystic archer definitely came in handy at points but I went with Assassin high level. I never used the sword/shield switch with that class though so yeah. I eventually by the end just changed back to the strider class.

I hope in a sequel they make the system more flexible. It was annoying that a lot of the cool moves I liked from the Strider class didn't carry on from there.

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Yeah i really do wish that the classes were more customizable. If i could build my own id make something like a rogue/sorcerer hybrid that focuses on daggers. @_@

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I loved the bow classes. Once you go though the other classes you can mix and match some of the skills. I settled into Magic archer with skills from all over. 

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@Ocule said:

Yeah i really do wish that the classes were more customizable. If i could build my own id make something like a rogue/sorcerer hybrid that focuses on daggers. @_@

You mean a Magic Archer? They use dual daggers, staves, and magic bows. Magic, ranged attacks, and a good selection of the strider melee skills with some of their own.

Personally I found Assassin and Mystic Knight to be the two strongest classes overall. On the caveat that you play them well and learn their skill synergies. I would also advise tossing the daggers in the dump if you go assassin, a lot of people assume they are still really good. They aren't. All the strongest Assassin melee moves are sword based. The daggers are mostly about utility and weird buffs when it comes to the Assassin.

From what you have said so far though I would advise you give Magic Archer a try, or maybe Ranger. As for customization remember... the individual weapons skills do translate over as long as it isn't a vocation specific skill. In other words if you learn "Antler Toss" with swords as a Fighter then any other class you ever get that uses one hand swords will have that skill too. Also the buff based skills you learned cross over too. So if you learn a skill that makes you consume less stamina when climbing enemies as a strider you can then later apply that skill to any other class too.

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I'm rolling as a Magic Archer for the most part right now, but once I max it out, I'm going to play around with a few others (Assassin is high on my list, as is Mystic Knight.)

Magic Archer is fun to play as, but I felt like it took a while before my skills were doing any appreciable damage. Though that magic flare + undead is super satisfying if you can nail a group of them.

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magic archer is an ur dragon slaying machine, im lvl 133 atm with all vocations maxed, the trick is getting all the right augment skills to maximize what you want to do with your character.

heres my magic archer setup ( full end game gear dragonforged )

dagger: cutting wind, hundred kisses, sunflare

magic bow: hunter bolt ( only good against big targets with lots of target areas or mass flying mobs to ground them ), magical gleam (undead slayer), sixfold bolt ( single target dmg)

class augments: bastion (warrior augment)- greatly reduces physical dmg, awareness (sorc augment)- greatly reduces magic dmg, bloodlust (assassin)- greatly increases str (doesnt say magic but it increases it too) and reduces dmg received at night only, clout (warrior)-greatly augments str, acuity (sorc)- greatly augments magic, last one i change around alot. atm conservation (sorc)- reduces stamina cost of magic weapon attacks, could easily push more dmg with the lower increases of magic and str increases from fighter and mage augments if choose, and at lvl 133 could drop the bastion and awareness for something else, i just roll with this because its high dmg, hard to kill and versatile for different types of enemies.

want to play mystic knight so bad, but i hate wearing my shield on my back while im in combat and not have it battle ready like fighter :( /sniffle /pout lol, ohh well maybe in dogma 2 ;)

ohh and to the OP shew gah sorc bugs me. its casting is toooooo sloooooooow. if i use them as pawns i kill everything before they get done casting the one spell they've been workin on lol. which reminds me. if you go through the game multiple playthroughs and get multiples of the wyrmking ring for cast time reduction do they stack?, i must know this lol, sry for long post, i just seen magic archer mentioned and had to yammer on about the game, love it. even if it does feel like a test the waters to see if there is a market. cmon capcom, make it 3 times as big, 3 times the items, 1/4 of the curatives and i will luvs ju 4 eva!

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