Night Time Travel and Misc?

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I just picked this game up and have a couple questions. Is night time travel that dangerous? Will I be able to subvert the danger at higher skill levels? Also I did the training quests and the Hyrdra quest and traveled to the main city but I seem to get my ass handed to me when I try other quests. Should I go back along the road to the beginning area and level some more? Little lost I guess...thanks GB community.

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  • Night time travel is dangerous at low levels, but it's a cake walk when you reach higher levels. You essentially become the Boogey Man's Boogey Man, if you catch my drift.
  • It helps if you specify what quests are hammering you. If you're having issues early on, then you should level some more and get more acquainted with the combat system as well as having a diverse party,
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I started to make more progress today. I read that some quests time-out after you visit the main city. Ohh well. I'm finding this slightly less challengeing than dark souls and also less frustrating so far. It's interesting that this game hasn't generated more chatter on the forums. I guess it beats hearing useless shit like on the Skyrim boards.

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Strong start. Soon becomes mind-numbing once you have to slowly walk all the way out to quests and all the way back again, fighting monsters you are way OP for.
It was a couple of design decisions away from being a fantastic game.

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I guess its sort of like Far Cry 2 in that way. I love the creature animations and behaviors. The wisp ghost things moved like butter across the screen; almost enchanting, until your possessed. QQ...when you upgrade items does it pull from stored Items also? Or do you have to have them in your inventory?

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@Phoenix778m said:

when you upgrade items does it pull from stored Items also? Or do you have to have them in your inventory?

Stored items.

Thank god for that, so much more convenient than having to pull them from storage everytime

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@Slag thanks
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@Phoenix778m said:

@Slag thanks

np , hope you enjoy the game. I loved it!

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Yeah the game starts very hard, early on night travel is basically a death sentence. Once you hit level 20 or so the game opens up and you should be able to handle alot more.... by 30 night travel should be no big deal to you, and by by 50 you will be wondering why the enemies don't turn and run from you while screaming in terror.

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Lol, I'm LV 25 right now and have been killing things left and right. I'm loving the game. Kind of wished I skipped Skyrim and Darksouls, this seems like a perfect blend of the two for me.

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low level and night, found that that out real quick...

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