Should I play Dragon's Dogma?

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#1 Posted by EdgeKasey (282 posts) -

I keep hearing about how great this game is...

I keep hearing if you dug Skyrim or Dark Souls it was the game for you...

I keep hearing how bat shit crazy the storygets....

I love rpgs, I played the shit outta Skyrim, loved being able to wonder around and explore altho I always got bored of the combat eventually yet I continue to come back to it and it always feels great to me after a nice extended break.

Dark Souls might be my game of the generation, the 100s of hours I sunk into that damn thing although nothing could recapture that feeling of exploration and dread the first time out.

Currently going back thru FF7 as my "downtime game" and I'm almost done with that and I would like to revisit 8 after that. lol

So do I go and play Dragon's Dogma as my "main project"?

Guess I'm looking to hear opinions from like minded individuals :)

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I would say yes. I really, really liked the combat in DD, and it has a lot of neat ideas. My main problem with the game was how much time was spent running from A to B, but I hear that they kinda fixed that (I played it upon release)?

I liked the games you mentioned, and I enjoyed DD. Take that as you will!

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Yes, absolutely. If you get the Dark Arisen version you'll get access to a big DLC (Bitterblack Isle) that is pretty much concentrated dungeon diving and much harder encounters than the main game. I've heard a fair number of people compare it to Dark Souls. The pace of the combat is different but there are some similarities.

Independent of any comparisons to other games though, you're basically looking at a fairly big action RPG with a lot of post game/DLC challenge to be had. It focuses on exploration sometimes, though the world isn't nearly as big as Skyrim or Fallout. If you want to try to recapture the Dark Souls feeling you should play the game on Hard mode with no guide. To do that from level 1, you'll really have to learn enemy weakness to get anywhere.

The pawn system is also pretty interesting. You create your main and a primary pawn. Then to fill out your party you summon up to two more pawns made by other players online. They can also summon your pawn. Knowledge pawns have obtained regarding quest lines, enemy weaknesses, and a few other things carry over.

I got the game from PS+ last month and I haven't played anything since.

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#5 Posted by Mike (17259 posts) -

@edgekasey: Moved to the Dragon's Dogma forum for you...since this was put in General.

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#6 Posted by Humanity (16063 posts) -

@edgekasey: Don't waste time waiting for other responses - go out and acquire Dark Arisen then clear your calendar for the next week. Enjoy.

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen? If so, then yes play it.

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#8 Posted by CornBREDX (7187 posts) -

I haven't played it yet. I'm gonna get it whenever I finish Ni No Kuni (so... never? haha I kidd)

It does seem fun. If you want to play it, then play it.

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#9 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5672 posts) -

Yeah, I just started it recently and it's fantastic.

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#10 Posted by laserguy (550 posts) -

Buy the game, sit on the shelf, play it in a few months.

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I bought DD on a whim and enjoyed every minute of it, so I say hell yes, but be prepare for ultimate bullshit in the post game. lol I say use a FAQ so you don't miss any quests as I think a few are missable.

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Thanks guys, Imma try and pick it up within the week so I can start it over the holidays. I shall report back after I get a lil ways in.

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#13 Posted by RVonE (4982 posts) -

Thanks guys, Imma try and pick it up within the week so I can start it over the holidays. I shall report back after I get a lil ways in.

Any progress? Just curious.

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I couldn't get past the framerate. It is really terrible and therefore affects the gameplay.

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@edgekasey: I only played it for a little bit when it was free on PS+. It wasn't for me, but I can appreciate some of the things it tried to do. As for the comparisons to Dark Souls, I can't speak to the content in Bitterblack Isles, but the core gameplay is a lot closer to Phantasy Star Online 2 or Phantasy Star Universe. It's faster paced, kind of mashy, and you can set different combat skills. Be aware that there's no lock on; I would have appreciated one, but your movement is snappy enough to go without it. Also be aware that climbing enemies doesn't really have anything to it in terms of direct control other slowly moving toward a weak point and stabbing it. Some enemies do however have their movement affected when a bunch of characters pile on to their legs, which is pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope you have a better time with it than I did. Clearly, plenty of others have.

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@rvone: I got distracted by other games! It is in the queue though :)

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