Tactical Tips please

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Hey everyone, I am battling that large rock monster with the colored energy veins. I targeted his energy disks while fighting him and it took awhile and I lost my heavy hitter in the process. But I am still playing the same frigen fight 3hrs later, I have been trying to destroy his right-hand disc, the very last one and I can't do it! I dunno why. I'm a magic archer. I have been using the explosive fire arrow and striking it to detonate, i use my scolding daggers, i use a mage staff, and nothing. i am level 31 with a level 30 mage and a level 40 Sorcerer. They keep raining down meteors, black tornadoes, and even ice shards from the ground.

I dunno why this bloody thing won't die. I'm about to just transport back to the capital.

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Did you get his disk underneath the foot?

If the one on his hadn is his last disk and you are hitting it yet it's not getting destroyed I'm not sure could be a bug? If you're sure it's the last one just grab onto his hand position yourself and start wacking away at the disk manually.

Anyway the general strategy with the Golems is to try to go for the hands disks first and the foot disk as they are the hardest to hit, especially the hand disks after he enrage. Another strategy is to avoid the disk that glows the most as it while will stun them after they wake up they will go berserk. Another strat if you have enough dmg is to go for that most glowy disk first to stun them then destroy every other discs while they are not moving because evey disk destroyed adds more time to the golems stun so it's possible to kill them in one go that way.

Don't bother with mage AoE golems are immune to dammage everywhere but those disks.

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Thanks for the advice, yeah I got the foot one. I tried to even steer him off the cliff-side. I got close to getting him to fall off but not close enough. I also tried getting him to follow me to the large ballista but the distance was too far an the quest then failed.

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Not sure. I haven't had any problems with golems I just usually try to see what parts are glowing and go for it. My pawns usually beat the ever living shit out of them. Hire my pawn. Problem solved. ;-)

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If you destroyed all of the disks, then it's most likely bugged. With your level, that fight should be no longer than 10-15 minutes. Escape, give it a few days to reset and try it again.

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I would suggest using more melee if possible. Open up by jumping on his back and cutting away at his glowy bits, if he falls over jump down and go for the foot first then the arm. You can tell if you're doing damage by listening for a distinct sound.

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@aaronBLUEeyes: I use magick archer as well. It is hard to hit the one on the Golem's right hand. The only way I could get it was to hang onto the back of his right arm and slash repeatedly with the dagger. If you aren't hagning on the creature's arm your daggers won't hit the disc. Took a good while since only about a third of the slashes hit

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I did try all of those strategies, maybe the game glitched when I was taking one of the several screenshots of the fight I created. Will post them later.

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