The Dragon's Dogma screenshot thread

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Ever since I bought my PS3 I wanted to be able to take in-game screenshots. Sony has yet to come up with a screenshot feature for the PS3, but Dragon's Dogma has it implented! Yay!

So why not share our characters, pawns, nice scenes or just random fun screenies?! I'd love to see what kind of character everyone has created!

Here's mine, a Strider called Devan:

And more up-close with my pawns:

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God fucking dammit, I can't link for some reason... Anywhoo, there's already a screenshot thread just a little ways below. Sorry =/

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Oh noes D:

And there I thought I'm super original. Oh well. Will the mods delete the thread automatically or do I have to contact them?

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@Morrow: You can contact one if ya like, just to get it outta the way. Though given how active, or inactive rather, even the original thread was, I imagine you could just leave this to linger until the mods come upon it themselves and lock it, since I wouldn't imagine there'd have been a lot of replies anywhoo.

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Well I actually plan to make good use of that screencap option :]

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@Morrow: Just how do you share the screenshots to facebook on the PS3? In-game or from the XMB? I didn't understand the games instructions and couldn't find a share option in the XMB...

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@mesosteros2: Sorry but I don't know, I use an USB stick to transfer them to my laptop...

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