This is why I don't like the Capcom games.

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I really wanted to play that game. I read so much about it and it seemed great to me - a brand new RPG experience, new world, the whole pawn system, huuuuge enemies and the famous SotC-way to fight them, no quick travel, day and nite system, good game difficulty (hard, but not extremely hard) and, last but not least good story and nice game design.

I've played it for about 10 hours so far and I just can't get into this game. I look at my PS3 and the DD on the shelf and I'm always like "meh, not this time". Why?

Because Capcom made it. And despite it's quite diffrent than all the other Capcom games it jus has this Capcom... something.

I like Japanese games, I love Nintendo, Square (Enix/Soft, whatever), fighting games (even Street Fighter, that one is an exception) and Team ICO productions. But when it comes to play a Resident Evil, DMC or now DD something is just wrong.

And I think that it's the font.

It's here.
And literally everywhere in Dragon's Dogma.

I might be a bit weird but it kills all the feeling to me. This font (or set of similar fonts) is sooo ugly, I just can't ignore it. Please Capcom do something, because I KNOW that DD is a great game.

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Hahaha, fonts? Well, we all have an irrational reasons to dislike at least one thing.

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I really- what?

Sorry, dude, but you're missing a great game for the worst possible reason. I don't think I'll be able to argue that against you since you seem entirely, and inconsolably, irrational.

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this seems reasonable.

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At first I thought this was brilliant satire and I was like :D

Then I realised it wasn't and I was like :'O

Then I realised that, barring their fighting games, Capcom make terrible games these days, and I was like ;D

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Holy Resident Evil 6 spoilers.

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Maybe that is what has been bothering me? Nope, it's the weird hairstyles for the male and female characters that turns me off....yup, that's it.

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I like the font. Better than Torchlight 2's chatbox at least.

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I don't... what.

It's not the best, but I'm okay with it. I mean, what about it could possibly make you not want to play a game? Do you just hate serifs? Would a font Helvetica or Calibri make you want to play Dragon's Dogma?

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You're a crazy person.

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What a stupid ass reason.

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So you want a sans serif option?

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thx for ruining dmc with ur shitty font capcom

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That font does look pretty cheap ass. Which is weird, cause it's a font.

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Well I've met a fair number of font Nazis in my time but this has to take the cake. There are a ton of reasons to hate Capcom games but the font? I mean it may not be the best font ever but hell, you could turn the subtitles off and negate most of the problems. Get a good set of speakers or pair of headphones and you won't need them. I guess in menus you'll have to deal with it, but really you are missing out on some at least decent games for a silly reason. Then again, Capcom hasn't really been bringing its A game to the table for a while now so I guess you would have been missing more in a previous generation.

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Your point is dumb. Also, why did you name yourself after a serial killer?

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@NegativeCero said:

Your point is dumb. Also, why did you name yourself after a serial killer?

Johnway Negacy is a kind and decent man, you fuck.

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The fucking fonts?

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I think that font's pretty great.

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Turn off subtitles. Problem solved.

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This is my new favorite reason to not play games!

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Is this some twisted greasy way to intentionally spoil something in RE6 or do you honestly care about fonts that much for some reason? I'm going with the former.

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I'll play a game in comic sans, I don't give a shit. That's a retarded reason not to like a game.

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Makes some of Jeff's crazy reasons for hating games (Red Dead Redemption) seem totally reasonable.

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