Worth to bet on PC version coming eventually?

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So, I mainly use my PC for gaming purposes, but also own a PS3 for exclusives etc. I was wondering with the apparent demand + praise this game got, how likely is it that we'll see a PC version down on the line?

I don't want to buy DD or Dark Arisen for the console only to double dip when a PC version comes along. Any opinion is welcome.

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I think its unlikely it'll be coming to the PC. Just my opinion.

Also, out of the console versions to own, PS3 is the better performer.

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It’s not announced for PC — you’re setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Even if it did come out on PC, you’d probably just be getting a higher framerate and resolution, not better textures or assets.

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I assume if they were going to release a PC version it would've been released by now. Don't hold your breath on this one.

#5 Posted by rolanthas (257 posts) -

Alright, seems perfectly sensible to buy Dark Arisen then.

Thanks duders.

#6 Posted by TheHT (12355 posts) -

It's a shame, since this game could be great on PC. Much higher res textures and no framerate troubles. Hopefully Dark Arisen improves some of the technical hiccups the original had. I understand there's a HD texture pack that comes with it, and that the fast travel system has been improved, which is good to hear.

Maybe Deep Down will make its way to the PC. Or maybe by then Capcom re-re-releases another enhanced version of Dogma and makes that also available for the PC.

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I hate how they keep teasing us about this. Christian Svensson (I think that's his name?) of Capcom USA says he's trying to get them to make a PC version, it seems they recently added the line "PC and PS3 players can share their pawns with the CAPCOM account" to the Pawn Community, and then every other month they say they don't have any PC version of the game planned.

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