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Dragons dogma

Wow I signed up just to put this review on hear,this game is SO much better than a 3*,they give max pain and kingdoms of amalur better ratings ??.This Game is great its HUGE there is LOADS to do a Massive world,amazing boss fights,resource gathering,improving armour and weapons and SO much more.It is a hardcore game its not easy but its not close to been as tuff as Dark souls/Demon souls,how they can give Skyrim 5* and this 3 is beyond me i don't think the reviewer played much of this game.

Graphics are good not amazing but good, its good to see a game that didn't go the kiddy cartoon style i LOVE the graphic style its like D&D come to life,if you ever played D&D board games and wondered what your board game would look like if it came to life this is it,yeah the story is ok but its not about the story its about YOU and your PAWN and the journey YOU make,if you want a Skyrim/D&D bastard child this is it,I'm giving it a 4* if it was on the PC with HD graphics id give it a 4.5*.If you love RPG games you owe it to yourself to try this game.

Posted by sirdesmond

I am fairly confident that Patrick played plenty of this game, at least enough to beat the entire main story which I'm told takes quite a number of hours to complete.

Also, I think you place far too much importance on review scores, especially when different games scores have come from different people with different tastes. Also, it is all just an opinion really.

Posted by dygbert

1. Reviews are how people share their thoughts on games. They are written by people who have developed their own gaming tastes, experiences and habits. The combination of these three things leads to a thing called "opinion". Brad Shoemaker who reviewed Skyrim and gave it a 5/5 score is a different human being than Patrick Klepek, who gave Dragon's Dogma a 3/5. Your argument about the disparity in the scores might have made sense if they were both reviewed by the same person. If you listened to any of the podcasts or watched any of the videos where Patrick talks about Dragon's Dogma, you'd know that he spent a considerable amount of time with the game. 90% sure the number of hours he's clocked in Dragon's Dogma exceeds your playtime as well.

2. I don't like your spelling.

3. D&D is not a board game. >:(

Posted by BlackPeople

My comment was removed I guess, but you should really learn to spell.

Edited by Themadpaddy

@dygbert: D&D is Pen and paper and also a board game and CRPG ETC..,mod%3D18&q=D%26D+board+game&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8715723646780735998&sa=X&ei=d3HHT5exOsSZ8QOZv8CMDg&ved=0CIcBEPMCMAM

I think that is proof enough,i also am entitled to an opinion and i think this review is off the mark.Spelling ?? please show all these terrible spelling mistakes the only one i know of is tuff and that was intentional.You may also take into account not every English speaking country uses the US dictionary.I have completed this game 2 times i think i well may have played more than the reviewer.Seems a little group of elitists have taken over on this site and place things like Spelling and Grammar over truth and content.A mans worth and intelligence isn't messured by his education or lack thereof.

Posted by billyhoush

@Themadpaddy: It's not your spelling but the repeated misuse of homophones such as "hear" instead of "here" and "Soles" instead of "Souls" which makes it difficult to take your writing seriously. The fact that you misspelled the name of a popular game (Demon Souls) made your review sound silly. You also don't use any spaces after punctuation which is annoying to read.

It basically looks like you typed this review on an old mobile phone using T9 and auto correct.

However, I agree with you and i would give Dragon's Dogma a higher score than Patrick's review.

Edited by Themadpaddy

@billyhoush: Your correct i should of spelled soles souls,but its not that big of a thing.I wasn't aware this was an English exam yeh i didn't bother to much at school but hay i make enough money probably more than some of the so called more educated people on here,my little review was readable and im sure it got the point across.I wont be coming on here again i don't like the vibe way to pretentious and Elitist for me i like the more down to earth sites that have normal people who don't try and prove them selves better than everyone,im sure i wont be missed and vise versa.Oh and thanks at least for being polite seems most on here have Education but no manners.

Posted by dygbert

@BlackPeople said:

My comment was removed I guess, but you should really learn to spell.

Did he started sending you ridiculous PMs and writing rude things on your wall as well? I chose a bad day to have an opinion.

Posted by Themadpaddy

@dygbert said:

@BlackPeople said:

My comment was removed I guess, but you should really learn to spell.

Did he started sending you ridiculous PMs and writing rude things on your wall as well? I chose a bad day to have an opinion.

You just cant stop your silly little games can you,everyone else is happy to let it go and move on but not you.Lets have the truth of it YOU started sending ME the insulting silly PMs i even told you to stop sending them,but once again you couldnt let it go.So yes you got my back up and i responded in kind,but here we are and your STILL playing your silly little games.You talk about my spelling and Grammar well hows this for poor English ( Did he started sending ) i think that should be ( Did he start sending ).Let it go and grow up.P.s im happy for a moderator to delete this and dygberts comment.

Posted by dygbert

@Themadpaddy: What are you talking about? After I commented on your review, you posted the following on my wall (I just accepted it to show how ridiculous it is):

"Hay UGLY fuck clean the pile of shit off the floor before taking pics of ya tramp self."


"Dygbert the amazing educated tramp,the guy thats so well educated he lives in a shitty little apartment with crap on the floor and never has a shave."

I'm sorry for commenting on your review. I have no intention of playing along in your internet power fantasy and I don't want to give you attention by bringing to light the hilariously worded and baseless insults in my inbox right now, so I'm ending this right now. If it makes you feel any better, take solace in the fact that I found your PMs to be entertaining, if anything.

Posted by Themadpaddy


I feel sorry for you i leave a review and all you have done is cause NOTHING but trouble,im sure your sitting at home feeling very proud of your self.Your self loathing and need for attention and to justify your pathetic existance is incredible you need to see a psychiatrist.Ive NEVER seen anybody take something so mundane so far for NO reason other than to prove themselves the winner in what they believe is some kind of sick macho popularity contest.

Posted by dygbert


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