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Short and Sweet: My First Impression of Dragon's Dogma, Part One

It seemed to be a particularly normal day in the small village of Casadeis. Minding my own business and enjoying simple life pleasures in the beautiful fishing village, that has front row seats to a vast body of water, my life soon became complex.

A dragon swooned in and decided to reck havoc by destroying anything in its path. A rush of adrenaline or pure stupidity, I decided to pick up the lamest sword to take on the beast. I was in for it. Before I knew it I was laying helpless on the ground watching the dragon use a single claw to dissect my chest. Effortlessly, he plucked out my heart and threw it into his mouth like a piece of popcorn. I can only watch, still alive, my heart being devoured . I learn that I have been reborn as Arisen and I can get my heart back by defeating him. My journey has begun.

Described as an action, open world fantasy, RPG developed by Capcom, so far, seems to be more focused on the action aspect than anything. For example, the open world isn’t that impressive. It’s alright... You are actually forced to explore the world on foot since the fast travel is almost nonexistent. There are places to go but nothing really to find- not anything very interesting. You’ll run into creatures and goblins to defeat, which the combat is pretty legit, but can also be pretty boring if your pawns decide to take all the action.

Pawns are followers that assist and aid the main character. It is important you recruit a team that fits your needs. You get to create one that will stay with you-his or her features can be adjusted throughout, while the other two are recruited via a Rift Stone. The two pawns can be exchanged for new pawns if you aren’t satisfied with them or depending on the needs of the main character. They are useful for hints throughout the game (more about this later but a cool feature) and also for combat that requires serious team work, such as more vicious attacks.

There is a lot more to say about this game, but since I still have a little ways to go I wanted to keep it pretty short. Some of the gameplay so far is not what I expected but I believe I will still be satisfied if I take full advantage of my powers as the Arisen. Overall, I am intrigued and interested to see what will develop.

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