Could Telltale's recent direction reboot Dragon's Lair?

#1 Posted by Bartman3010 (483 posts) -

Considering that Telltale has been putting out adventure games that provide choice and quick time events along with an engrossing story, couldn't that be the way to go for a possible direction for Dragon's Lair or Space Ace? Obviously it won't have an emphasis on 2D animation (Or it could!) if there was a reason to bring back the games in a format that would actually make it enjoyable, this would probably be the best fit.

#2 Posted by csring (7 posts) -

I absolutely loved these games when I was younger. But I think they would switch it up a LOT, as gaming tastes have changed significantly over the years. Anyhow, if anyone could do it, I would trust Telltale

#3 Posted by Terramagi (1168 posts) -

Dragon's Lair was a death sim, just like every Sierra game.

#4 Posted by BeachThunder (13308 posts) -

Unlikely; let's face it, the original game was essentially just an interactive Don Bluth cartoon. Secondly, there's very little they could do with the source material, I seriously don't think the Dragon's Lair franchise offers a rich universe that Telltale could explore; it's pretty much as generic a Damsel-in-distress story that you can get...

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