Dragon's Lair for Xbox Live Arcade

#1 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

No plans have been announced but this is one game I would love to play. I always wanted to play it when I was a kid but never got a chance other then spending what little money I had in the arcade. I bought the anniversary edition for the pc a few years back but it did not work.  Anyone else interested in this game coming out for either PSN or XBL?

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14300 posts) -

Na, I really don't have any interest in this.

#3 Posted by Deathawk (344 posts) -

At $5 it might be a temping buy but anything else is a no-go. (and when exactly was the last 400 point game) 
Also by going on XBL it'd have some issues, namely achievements.  I believe it's required that all XBL games have 12 acheivements (could be wrong but seems that way) And I have no idea how you'd earn 12 of those during a game. I guess you could do one for every few rooms you pass but something about the achievements constantly popping up durring the game seems like it would be rather distracting.
Another problem would be a Trial version, again I guess you could only do a couple rooms of the castle, but that would be a ridiculously short demo.

#4 Posted by IndeedCodyBrown (527 posts) -

Yeah Sure Why Not It Just Got Released For Iphone and Dsi
#5 Posted by cspiffo (874 posts) -

I have the DVD version.  That's good enough for me.  I always liked the idea of Dragon's Lair but the actual game is kind of a snooze to play.

#6 Posted by NickDynmo (180 posts) -

Looks like you'll finally get your wish, EightBitShik!

#7 Posted by NickDynmo (180 posts) -

May 18, that is.

#8 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

@NickDynmo said:

Looks like you'll finally get your wish, EightBitShik!

I bet he is pumped.

#9 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Pretty epic bump.

#10 Posted by Phoenix778m (304 posts) -

Is it worth 10 bucks? Never played it before but it looks like fun. Is it seriously that short?

#11 Posted by JasonR86 (10031 posts) -

If you haven't played it you really should. At least play the demo. I love it but it's because I'm nostalgic. It's not a very good game because the gameplay is QTE after QTE. But it still looks great and it is important historically. It's at least worth trying in a demo.

#12 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

@JasonR86: lol, I just got a message in my inbox for your response on this and I was like what the fuck is he talking about I just watched the quick look for this 10 minutes ago but I didn't say anything....

Then I came to the thread I wrote that 2 and half years ago haha.

#13 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

This threaded needed to be bumped. @EightBitShik: You still wanna play that *chokes laughter*...game?

#14 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

I hated it when it was a arcade game. ( yes I am that old )

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