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The Four Draic Kin

There are only four Draic Kin living on Earth. It is not known are there any more of them in the universe.

White Kin

The White Kin is the only female Kin on Earth. She lives in Arcadia and is more known by the name White Dragon through local folklore. In The Longest Journey she both dies and is reborn from her own egg, similar to phoenix, who rises again from it's ashes. In Dreamfall: The Longest Journey she helps both April Ryan and Zoë Castillo in finding their path. Her destiny remains unclear, but it is known, that she felt that her life was in jeopardy and in the end of the game she was attacked by someone she knew.

Blue Kin

Second Kin who lives in Arcadia. He is considered as a god by the Maerum. Blue Kin only appears in The Longest Journey, but does get a mention in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. White Kin said that he is gone, possibly implying that he is dead.

Red Kin

More known as Cortez, Cortez the Red or Mannie Chavez, he lives amongst humans in Newport, Stark. Red Kin is very interested in human culture and plays the important part in guiding April Ryan and helping her to shift. Cortez is also friend of Brian Westhouse, whom he helped also to get to Arcadia, only by other means, as mentioned in The Longest Journey and seen in Dreamfall. He dies in the end while fighting the Green Kin.

Green Kin

More known as Jacob McAllen or White Cardinal, he resides in Stark as a head of Church of Voltec, less known as Vanguard. Green Kins main objective is to reunite Stark and Arcadia into one Earth and become its leader, although it would mess up the Balance of the two worlds. Red Kin is trying to stop him, and in the end of The Longest Journey, they both fall into their deaths. Green Kin is not mentioned in the sequel.

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