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Drakensang: The Dark Eye is a computer Role-playing game developed by Radon Labs. It is the first game in Dark Eye -universe; a German Pen & Paper RPG from 1984. Released on February 18, 2009 in the US it attempted to capture the attention of American gamers. The game features a massive single player campaign with no multiplayer component. The player may choose from several different archetypes, though they may not change their physical appearance. Every character has access to 23 regular talents that are used in non-combat situations, and many combat talents as well as spells.

The plot follows the exploits of the champion of the Dragon Quests and his companions.


The main character is invited by Ardo, an old friend, to help him in solving some unexplained problems. The protagonist reaches Ferdok and Ardo's home only to find out that he has been murdered. The player will have to investigate Ardo's murder as well as murders of 2 other man. The investigation leads to the discovery of a cult led by two noblemen Kastan Gamblack and Finn of Ferdok. The player will be forced to kill Finn while Gamblack escapes, after which the preparation for the Dragon Quest will begin, every 87 years a Dragon Quest commences and a champion is chosen. The Dragon Quest is an ancient ritual that involves an oracle (a golden statue of a Dragon) choosing a champion and sending him out on 3 tests to prove that he is worthy, as it turns out the main character is chosen. The oracle speaks in riddles and with the help of priests of Hesinde the player will set out on the 3 tests.

The first test is helping the village of Moorebridge get rid of its zombie problem, as well as helping Archmage Rokarium, the second is acquiring the book of Serpent, located in an ancient ruin, which is protected by Dragon cultists, the ruin also has a magical barrier around it, preventing anyone from entering. Once the barrier is down a dragon that was kept there will fly out. In the ruins the player will finally catch up to Kastan Gamblack and kill him. The third test involves getting the artifact Dragon's eye which is safely hidden in a maze of deadly traps beneath a well defended castle, before the player has a chance to speak with the ruler of the castle, he finds out that the castle is under heavy attack by Orcs and Ogres, led by an evil sorceres Malgorra and Noldrokon the evil half-serpent/half-man mage who first appeared in chapter 1. After getting the Dragon's eye the player will set out to defeat Malgorra and rid the world of a great evil by killing the before mentioned Dragon. The game has 11 chapters.

Chapter 1

Your character is summoned by his old friend and mentor, Ardo of Boarstock, by a letter in which Ardo states that he is turning to the him (the main character) in what are now dark times, he also says that he has become involved in matters that can scarcely be untangled and that he needs his help, as the main character is an unknown face in Ferdok, the city in which Ardo lives. The main character starts his

Ardo of Boarstock

journey to Ferdok immediately, but is stopped in the small village of Avestrue because the road to Ferdok is closed off due to unknown reasons. The player must than acquire letters from two attestors that will vouch for the player's character. Salina, Queen of the Mountebanks will vouch for the player if he or she finds Salina's lover Dranor and finds out what happened to her diadem, which was apparently stolen by Dranor, as the player finds out through the course of his/her investigation Dranor was forced to sell the diadem to a mysterious mage who required it for unknown purposes. The second attestor is archmage Rokarium, the player must find him in a nearby cave and lead him to safety in order to gain his assistance, Rokarium will prove to be an important character later in the game. Along with the main quest there are several side quest in Avestrue,to name a few, the player must settle a dispute between two peasants, hunt a dangerous wolf known as White Fur, find a rare and very expensive candy known as Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues. There are also two companions that can be recruited in Avestrue, as mentioned Dranor is one, who is a Rogue and Rhulana who is a Amazon warrior.

After presenting the two letters to Tollkeeper Nandor the way to Ferdok will be open.

Chapter 2

As the player nears Ferdok, Dranor explains that he is wanted for a crime that he didn't commit, and that he can't simply walk through the front gates, he instead chooses to climb over the walls, at which point Rhulana humorously says "We won't see that one again".

The player finally reaches Praios square an area situated in Ferdok where Ardo's residence can be found. Once he/she arrives to Ardo's mansion the main character is greeted with terrible news, Ardo of Boarstock has been killed in Ugdan Harbor in what is assumed to be a series of ritualistic murders which is the cause of Ferdok being closed off, the main characters vows revenge and goes to madam captain Barla Brokensmith, from a conversation Barla has with one of her guards the player learns that Dranor not only failed to enter the city undetected but as he was climbing the wall he fell right in front of the town guard, the player will have a chance to clear Dranor's name in chapter 3. Barla is leading the murder investigation under head guardsman Tashman, who seems to be trying to slow down the investigation. After you convince her of letting you help her, she tells you that besides Ardo's murder, two others murders took place, the murder of an old homeless man known as old Eelko in Wagoner's Home district, and the murder of one of the best and most popular imman (a popular sport in the universe of Drakensang) players known as "Dragon" in Ugdan Harbor. Barla also recommends that you find and talk to Ardo's bodyguard a dwarf named Forgrimm and Gladys Slardomir a close friend of Ardo's. The player finds Forgrimm at a tavern, the Silver Pitcher, drowning his sorrows, Forgrimm is so drunk in fact, that he can't even speak properly and the player must get a special dark brew from the innkeeper in order to sober Forgrimm up. Gladys can be found in Wagoner's home, she is a shadowy figure and difficult to find, after asking about her in the Serene Sow tavern, having little success, she finds you and joins up with you in order to avenge Ardo's murder. After the two companions are recruited the main character can continue his murder investigation.

The player learns that Eelko had a cat Mimi that he always took care of, the player than has to gain Mimi's trust to uncover further evidence, he/she finds out that Eelko had a very valuable brooch which he didn't sell, this is strange given that Elko is homeless. During Dragon's murder investigation the player finds out that Dragon had a very similar brooch to that of Eelko's. The last murder thats left is that of Ardo himself, the player goes out to the pier only to find bloody traces and no evidence, after talking to a stationed guard he learns that head guardsman Tashman was supposed to meet Ardo there late at night, but he arrived to late only finding Ardo's lifeless body, at which point Forgrimm tells you that he now remembers that Ardo told him he was supposed to go to a meeting with the head guardsman and that he didn't want him (Forgrimm) following him there, the dwarf can't help but blame himself for Ardo's death. The player then seeks out Tashman only to find out that he is flirting with a prostitute. From speaking with Tashman the protagonist learns that the head guardsman is little more than a corrupt guard that cares very little for stopping crimes, in fact, he is often the one committing them. Having learned little of Ardo's murder the player reports back to Barla,showing her the two brooches that are apparently made from Dragon scales, madam captain commends the player for his efforts and tells him/her to look further, after this conversation the main character is approached by a guard that delivers a message that an informant is waiting at Praios temple, the informant is archivist Loisane who tells you that the investigation is sabotaged at every turn by powerful people, she offers her help but asks of the player to promise her that he/she won't speak of this meeting to anyone, you share your findings with her, after which Loisane runs of to investigate the murders more thoroughly. Later one she will contact you once again, telling you that old Eelko and Dragon were descendants of Dragon Hunters as well as saying that she has confirmed that Ardo is not a descendant. She says that there is another descendant , Jessica, and that if she's right, Jessica is in grave danger, the protagonist rushes off to Wagoner's home once more only to arrive too late, and learning that cultists have already preformed their ritualistic murder in the sewers. The player must then catch up to the murderers, the chase culminates when the player exits the sewers and enters the home of a nobleman, Kastan Gamblack and his henchman Finn of Ferdok. As it turns out archivist Loisane is also a descendant of a dragon hunter and is captured by Finn and Kastan, a battle ensues in which Finn is killed and Kastan escapes. After the battle Grand Inquisitor Vanya arrives at the scene demanding and explanation of what happened, the player and archivist Loisane try to explain, but the Inquisitor seems to be more concerned that a nobleman is dead and that they won't be able to get any information out of him than he is with the fact that the player saved Loisane's life.

Kastan Gamblack (left) and Finn of Ferdok (right)

After leaving presumably Kastan's residance the player is taken before the dwarf count of Ferdok, Growin who congratulates the player for stopping the murders and rewards him with 50 ducats as well as the deed to Ardo's residence,once the main character is done talking to Growin he is introduced to regent Dariana, another close friend of Ardo's that says Ardo was investigating corruption at Ugdan Harbor and believes that is what got him killed, she then asks if the protagonist will take up this cause, so that Ardo's death won't be in vain. After, the player meets caretaker Muddlemosh, a dear friend of Ardo's who has taken care of his house for many years now, and having heard of the news he offers his service to the player, which he happily accepts. Once the protagonist enters Ardo's home he learns that he is called to the temple of Hesinde where he will be asked to help in the preparation of the Dragon Quest, thus Chapter 3 begins.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter the player will be faced with helping the priests in the temple of Hesinde prepare for the Dragon Quest which begins every 87 divine cycles (years). On the way to the temple the player will meet Salina again along with her ill tempered brother Hamlock. Salina will ask if the main character had seen Dranor, and ask him to help free Dranor to which the protagonist agrees. As it turns out there is a secret passageway leading from the brewery to the city jail, it was build by a corrupt head guardsman in order to smuggle out alcohol. The quest to free Dranor also starts a quest in which the player must find the cause of the rat plague in the brewery. Six levels down from the main floor the player will encounter Mother Ratzinsky,a huge mutated rat that has 400 hitpoints and whose attacks almost always cause 2 wounds, this is a difficult battle and probably better left for later on, its not necessarily to fight this boss in order to free Dranor. Once the main character finds and speaks to Dranor, he or she finds out that he could have easily escaped if he wanted to, but didn't on the principle of things, he will not escape because he is innocent of the crime. It will be up to the player to clear Dranor's name by speaking to the merchant that filed the charges against him. It doesn't take long to realize that the merchant is a confused and forgetful man and that he mistakenly accused Dranor of stealing his dwarven watch, when in fact he left it at home the entire day and several weeks later, the merchant gave the watch as a present to a cousin. With the help of the merchants daughter, who runs the stall, the player convinces the merchant to withdraw the charges and Dranor goes free, with the apology from the towns guard. Once Dranor is free the main character can go to Ugdan Harbor and continue Ardo's work by investigating two merchant families, the Neisbecks and the Stoerrebrandts. The Neisbeck family is unscrupulous and is ready to do anything to prevent anyone from gaining a better position than them as traders in Ferdok. Where as the Stoerrebrandts are more honorable, and they try to help out those in need when they can. The player will start off working for either family as a lowly worker, bringing messages from innkeepers, in future

The oracle of the Dragon Quest

chapters however the player is being give more and more vital tasks, during one point the player will be able to switch sides from either family by being bribed with 20 ducats (100 with haggle skill). After the player is done running errands for the Stoerrebrandts or Neisbecks he can go to the temple of Hesinde and help with the preparation of the Dragon Quest. The priests there will task him with obtaining 3 pieces of the Dragon Quest Oracle's statue, which was destroyed in a fire that broke out in the temple. The player will have to descend to the lower levels of the temple, while fighting amoebas, that were planted there by Gamblack's cultists. Once the player brings back all 3 pieces of the statue the Dragon Quest begins and the Oracle chooses the champion, who happens to be the main character. He will then give the first task of aiding the village of Moorebridge and helping Archmage Rokarium with his research. Once the player travels to the Moorebridge marshes, the 4th chapter will begin.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 takes place in Moorebridge Marshes, this are was once a lush, fertile land, but due to a great conflict between magics users, in the even that is known as The Great Magical Wars, the landscape was forever changed. The player arrives in Moorebridge, finding an angry mob getting ready to kill Bredo Bento, a peddler the main charter met in Avestrue, once you convince the mob that Bredo is in fact human, and not a zombie Bredo will tell you of the missing Deont, Morlinde and he'll ask you to find her. After that the player continues north, where he finds one of Archmage Rokarium's apprentices, Rufus, who was turned into a zombie, you will be forced to kill him, when you arrive at Rokarium's location, you find him and his second apprentice being attacked by several zombies, they've managed to survive thus far thanks to the Magic shield Rokarium summoned, but its up to the player to kill the zombies. After the skirmish, the main character enters a conversation with the Archmage, in which he agrees to help

Archmage Rokarium and apprentice Nottel

him clear Moorebridge of the zombie threat, Rokarium points him in a north-western direction. When the player reaches, what looks to be a crumbled temple, he sees a necromancer raising the dead, a battle starts in which the necromancer is killed after which all the undead perish. The main character returns to the mage only to learn that he must help him still, Rokarium needs 3 ingredients in order to complete a concoction with which he can take a crystal from a statue, this crystal will help him in his studies. The 3 ingredients in question are a Mandrake root. Harpy Egg Yolk and Rock Goblin Teeth. After the player returns to Rokarium, he gives him the necessary ingredients, the mage makes the potion and uses it on the statue, only to see that the statue has come to life, him and his apprentice are knocked unconscious, leaving the main character to fight a powerful lizard like mage, Valonion. After the battle Rokarium wakes up, saying that a drop would have been enoguh, he thanks you for your help and says that he will meet you back in Ferdok.

Chapter 5

Once the main character is back in Ferdok, he can continue his investigation of corruption in Ugdan Harbor, after doing a few quests for one of the merchant families the player must return to the temple of Hesinde where the second part in the Dragon Quest may start. Once again The Oracle speaks in riddles of "ancient knowledge" and of a "bloody red mountain" priest Dorion will help you decipher the meaning of the Oracle's words, you learn that you have to travel the Blood Mountains, where you must recover the Book of the Serpent. On arrival to Blood Mountain the player sees that the castle ruins where the book is kept has a large magic barrier around it, which the player must turn off to gain access to the ruins, the player also meets a witch, Yasmin, who is herding a herd of pigs, she offers help with the magic barrier. She asks the main character to steal the altar wine from a nearby inquisition encampment. Once he/she goes to the encampment, they will run into devotee Warina, whom the player had a chance to meet after the battle with Finn of Ferdok, Grand Inquisitor da Vanya is in the camp as well. This is where the player must choose who he will side with, the Inquisition or the Witches. Should you choose the inquisition your first task will be to kill Yasmin and bring her skull back, but at the same time, if you want to steal the altar wine so Yasmin can curse it, you will have to tell Warina that you'll kill Yasmin. Either way, the story progresses in a similar path,for example the witches have sacred trees that you must protect or destroy depending on the side you choose. The culmination of the quest to destroy the magic barrier is the summoning of the oldest witch, Heidruna. She tells you that you have to kill the sorcerer that erected the barrier in order to destroy it, rather conveniently, da Vanya shows up at

Gamblack (left) and Noldrokon (right) standing in front of the Book of the Serpent.

that moment, and Heidruna exposes him to be a humanoid dragon-like creature in disguise, she is knocked unconscious,and you'll have to fight the exposed "da Vanya" and three dragon cultists. After the battle the magic barrier around the ruins is removed, you can also talk to Heidruna a bit before continuing. She says that she doubts the whole Inquisition were dragon cultists in disguise, but only that the Grand Inquisitor has manipulated the inquisition. After talking to Heidruna, the main character must proceed to the castle. Upon arrival he/she will be ambushed by cultists, after the battle you enter the castle and start a quest that involves not being detected by enemies. During this part you might run into Jost, a recruitable companion that will offer his services if you free him. Proceed to the lowest level of the ruins, and you'll run into Noldrokon and Gamblack, Noldrokon will be angry at Gamblack for his failure in Ferdok, and will leave him to perish at the player's hands as he teleports. A rather difficult fight will ensue, before it the player can have a chat with Gamblack, and learn that he didn't kill or have any hand in killing Ardo. Gamblack dies, the player takes the Book of Serpent, after which he/she returns to Ferdok.

Chapter 6

After returning to the temple of Hesinde, the main character is given the third and final quest. You will have to travel to Grimmtooth Castle, and convince the knight who controls the castle to give you the Dragon's Eye, which has been in his family's possession for many generations. Once the main character arrives to the castle he/she immediately realize that something is wrong, there is smoke in the distance and the mercenary you met in Avestrue, Humbold, is running from a group of Orcs. It becomes obvious that the castle is under attack by a large group of Ogres and Orcs. After fighting your way towards the castle and through it you eventually end up at the castles courtyard where a group of Orcs and Ogres are killing off the remnants of the guard, and in the distance you see the knight, Traldar killing


Traldar (left) Bloodfang (center) Malgorra (right)

As you approach you find that the evil sorceress Malgorra and Bloodfang the orc chieftain are holding Phenar hostage, she demands that the player gives her the Dragon's eye, if the player at first refuses she will kill the second mercenary you met in Avestrue. Finally you are forced to give her the artifact, after which she betrays Bloodfang by teleporting and leaving him to fight Traldar and the main character's party. During one point in the fight Bloodfang will transform into his true form, he will transform into Noldrokon, the mysterious mage that wanted Selina's diadem at the beginning of the game, he was also present during the last moments of Gamblacks life. After the battle the remaining Orcs thank you for killing the imposter that killed their chieftain and leave. Traldar says that all is not lost, as the artifact given to Malgorra is fake, and that the Dragon's Eye was always kept on person both by Traldar and his ancestors. After you take the real artifact you can travel back to Ferdok, finishing the Dragons Quest.

Chapter 7

Finally, with the trials completed the Oracle will tell you that you need to find the Adamantine Heart. "The Eye will guide you, the book will teach you, and the mind will carry all your hope." As to this riddle priest Dorion can offer no help, but suggests that you see Archmage Rakorium who has taken residence in your house in Ferdok since after Moorebridge. Once there Rokarium tells the main character that he/she will have to procure several items needed for the ritual. A cloth shirt, a mug of Ferdok pale ale, and finally a mandrake root. When the player does this and returns to Rokarium he completes the ritual telling the player that he will have to travel Murolosh, the mountain city of the dwarves. Unfortunately, not many humans can go there and the archmage recommends that you speak to count Growin who is, himself, a dwarf. Growin tells the player that there have been complications with Murolosh as they haven't heard from them in quite some time. Growin will refer you to his best diplomat, Gerlin, who might have an idea as how to secure permission for the player to enter the land of the dwarves, unfortunately he has left for the city of Tallon. In Tallon there are a few side quests of which some are quite long, but the main quest is pretty straightforward.The main character will have to find Gerlin, asking around you learn that he has stayed at the inn as well as the home of a merchant, from the town Mayor you learn that Gerlin has left for Penn's Grove. The main character will make his way towards Penn's Grove, there he will find that a monastery was laid to waste by a Dragon, he will find Gerlin, as well as the dwarven prince Arom, who is a dragon slayer and is hunting for this Dragon. You offer your assistance in hunting down the dragon. Arom says that he knows where the dragons lair is, but that you require a key to get

Arom and the main character standing before the Dragon

to the lair. You will have to find a key disc in a cave in order to unlock the way to the lair. Once you obtain the key you have to make your way north-west of Tallon where Arom will be waiting for you the you will unlock a door and proceed to the dragon's lair, on the way you will have to fight off a largne number of Harpies. Just before arriving at the Dragon's location, you will meet Archon Megalon, who you've had a chance to meet in areas surrounding Tallon before. He will say that he knew that the Dragon would attack but did nothing in order to study the humans reaction, he has a very low opinion of them and considers himself and observer or witness. If you're polite he'll let you buy some things that should prove useful in the upcoming battle. When you're done with Megalon you should make your way towards the top of the narrow hill, where the wounded Dragon is located. At the start of the battle Arom's dragon slayers are immediately killed, at the end of it Arom will take the Dragon's carbuncle,one of the most prized items and materials in the world of Drakensang, he will let you take the rest of the loot, then he will invite you to Murolosh. The player can then go there or return to Ferdok before going.

Chapter 8

Once the main character arrives to Murolosh, he/she is taken to the king Arombolosh straight away, there a ceremony will take place in which the Dragon's carbuncle will be placed in the King's crown. After the ceremony the king greets you and admires as well as thanks you for your role in killing the dragon. But when you ask him to let you go into the tunnels beneath the city, he becomes very dismissive, despite the main characters warnings of the impending dragon cultist danger. He tells you that you may go and pick a reward for your part in the dragon hunt, you can choose one of 4 items, a magical one handed axe, "well done", a two handed axe, a ring that increases the wearers strength and a cloak that confuses enemies and makes you harder to hit. Once you're done choosing a reward, prince Arom will come running after you saying that something terrible has happened, you follow him and find out that Xolgorax, a dwarven historian and priest has been poisoned, the poisons effects take a while to kick in, but the cure is very rare, the player is sent into some caves to find a special violet fungus, he will have to fight off scorpions and spiders in order to get the required herb. You return to the temple and give devotee Lugosh the fungus, Lugosh tells you that a female "Bigling" (human) was accused and arrested for the poisoning of Xolgorax as well as a number of other misdeeds. You proceed to the throne room only to find that the accused is Salina (If you've brought Dranor along extra dialogues will appear), you talk to king Arombolosh and offer to defend Salina (with whom you could chat when you first left the throne room). A series of quests follow in which you collect evidence with which you can free Salina. There are 9 pieces of evidence the player can collect and use in the trial, during the course of the investigation more and more evidence will point towards a Novadi merchant from the Khom Desart Aldessia. It is

The Main Character opens up the portal to Gruldur

recommended that you get as much evidence as you can as it will make defending and freeing Salina easier, if you fail you will have to rescue her. When you collect the evidence return to King Arombolosh and present your defense, he will accuse Salina of a number of misdeeds for which you should choose the most logical counter arguments. If you're successful Arombolosh congratulates you and says that you posses great wisdom, Salina goes free, and you are ordered to arrest Aldessia. The main character enters Aldessia's chambers and a battle ensues in which you must defeat two stone golems and kill Aldessia. After the battle Arom and Xolgorax arrive, saying that they won't be able to find out who Aldessia was working for now that she's dead. Xolgorax recommends that they look over her records. They find that Aldessia has managed to open a portal leading from and to the tunnels beneath the city, from where the dragon cultists planed to attack. As the king refused to open the passage towards the tunnels the player will have to use the portal, the main character opens the portal and travels to the Deeps of Gruldur.

Chapter 9

In this chapter the main character must look for an artifact known as the Helm of Fire that he/she needs in order to pass through the Fire Falls, the helm was lost in a system of caves and tunnels known as the Deeps of Gruldur. The systems of caves and tunnels are located behind locked Cyclopian doors, the player needs to find Cyclopian artifacts in order to open these doors. Thought Gruldur the player will face both undead Grolms and Grolm ghosts, Grolms are creatures that fought the dwarves a long time ago, its possible that they were gnomes. Once the main characters unlocks all the Cyclopian doors he can move to the last (4th) level of Gruldur and find the helm of fire, before he/she can take it however, a skeleton of a Cyclopse must be destroyed. Once the main character has the helm of fire, he/she can move

Helm of Fire

back towards the teleporter through which they arrived and return back to Murolosh, there the player learns that a madness has taken over King Arombolosh, Xolgorax suggests that it was due to the carbuncle that was placed in the crown, the guards that were in the throne room went insane due to the influence of the carbuncle as well. The player will have to kill all the guards and finally fight with Arombolosh, at the end of the fight Arombolosh is knocked unconscious and the carbuncle is destroyed. The king then explains that in the beginning he didn't realize the influence of the carbuncle but as time passed he noticed a voice. According to the king it was the voice of a demon, that the Dragon Cultists infused within the carbuncle at the castle ruins in chapter 5. The king thanks you again and tells you to take another reward from treasurer Otosh, you can still choose from 3 items, depending on which one you choose the first time. Once that is done the main character must travel to Fire Falls using Aldessia's teleporter.

Chapter 10

The main character travels through Aldessia's teleporter and finds himself in an area called behind the Fire Falls. The Adamantine Heart is located somewhere in this location and the player must find it, there are several puzzles the player must solve in order to proceed with his search for the Adamantine heart. The first puzzle is simple, in which the main character must knock a column in order for it to hit a release button for a door. Passing through the door the main character is greeted by a bridge that's missing a middle, he must kill several fire spirits, take their hearts and place them in containers,after which a bridge of rocks and fire is raised. The third puzzle involves a long corridor filled with traps, one of the characters must have a high perception to see them though the traps can't be disarmed, so the player will have to avoid them completely. After this last obstacle the main character enters a large chamber, thats filled with several floors and staircases, at the top of this room the skeleton of Dragon Umbracor is located, and in the skeleton's skull the Adamantine Heart. As the main character begins to ascend the staircases he is attacked by the ghost of the King of Grolms, the King will summon Grol shards from which Grol ghosts will appear until the shards are destroyed. On the last floor, right before the skeleton, the player will have to fight and destroy the King's spirit, after which he/she tries to take the Adamantine Heart but is unable due to a protective magical shield. The player will have to descend back down and move through a now, opened door, there he will see Pal'Na'Thar. The last Cyclopes guardian.

Pal'Na'Thar and the main character.

It is here that the full story of Drakensang and the Dragon Quest is told. It was actually Pal'Na'Thar, the guardian of the skeleton of Umbracor and his carbuncle, the Adamantine Heart, that has spoken through the Oracle every 87 years, 9 times did Pal'Na'Thar try to find a champion and his successor, who would take his place in guarding Umbracor, and it was the main character that finally passed the trials and arrived to the location of the Adamantine Heart. Pal'Na'Thar explains that once, Dragon Umbracor ruled the world, but that his son, Ardakor was envious and jealous of his father. Ardakor managed to destroy Umbracor's body, and for a thousand years he was searching for his fathers soulstone, for the carbuncle known as the Adamantine Heart. The reason for this was that while Ardakor was the son of an immortal being, he himself was not, by eating his father's carbuncle he would become immortal and rule the world as a tyrant for eternity. Before he could, his father's remains were taken by the greedy Grolms, who took it deep beneath Murolosh, at the time they were in peaceful terms with the dwarves, but soon a war broke out, between themselves and the Dwarves, and the Grolm city and Grolms themselves were all but forgotten. Then, by the order of the god of fire and creator of the Cyclopse, Ingarosh, his creations became the guardians of the carbuncle, now Pal'Na'Thar is the last of his kind, for a 1000 years he guarded the Adamantine heart, for a 1000 years he looked for a successor among the mortal and young races, and now, in the 10th Dragon Quest, a champion managed to reach Pal'Na'Thar.

He now tells the main character that he/she must take up the calling of the Guardian, until they too grow old, and they have to speak through the statue of the Oracle to find a successor, like Pal'NaThar did.

Malgorra steals the Adamantine Heart

The main character is reluctant to do this, and convinces the cyclops to open the magical shield, so that he/she can take the Adamantine heart to Archmage Rokarium, in order to find and imbue the essence of Umbracor to a new body. The cyclops reluctantly accepts, and opens the barrier, when Malgorra, the evil sorceress that forced the player to give her the Dragon's Eye, appears and steals the carbuncle so that she may bring it to Ardakor, and receive her reward. The cyclops despairs, but after the player convinces him that all hope is not lost, the guardian opens up a portal and gives the player a weapon of his choosing. That weapon is a piece of the set of the Armor of Fire, which the player collected throughout the game and as a part of the Dragon Quest trials. The player then passes through the portal that Pal'Na'Thar opened, and is teleported to Murolosh, and so the last and 11th chapter begins.

Chapter 11

The main character and his party reach Drakensang.

When the main character arrives in Murolosh, he is greeted by Xolgorax who tells him that dragonlike creatures are pouring down from Drakensang Mountain, the player must talk to Arom and Archmage Rokarium, who has arrived in Murolosh. Once the player is given the thesis crystal by Rokarium, which will help in waking up the spirit of Umbracor the Destroyer, he can talk to Arom to head towards Drakensang. Once there the player can see many dwarf fighters fighting Dragonlings and Dragon Cultists, the player must reach the top of Drakensang mountain and battle Malgorra. Once the main character helps the dwarfs in defeating Dragonlings and Dragon Cultists, he/she must proceed to the pass that leads to the top of the mountain, this is notoriously difficult, as the player must destroy two limbus portals in order to open the way towards the top. The portals will spawn enemies ever minute or so, so you should charge the portals in order to destroy them, once destroyed retreat to the dwarf's position and kill any remaining enemies. Finally, the player can proceed to the peak, and start the battle with Malgorra, before however you must defeat her four, rather tough lieutenants. After this the battle with Malgorra can finally start, when you defeat her she will turn into a giant three headed monster, similar to a hydra. When you defeat her in that form the game ends.

"Know this, YOU will be remembered in the legends of Aventuria forever!"

Malgorra in her other form


As with any other RPG, the game starts off by creating a character. There are a total of twenty different archetypes, or classes, to choose from. Some classes are restricted by race, although the classes are not restricted as to what weapons they can use. There are eight basic attributes; Courage, Cleverness, Intuition, Charisma Dexterity, Agility, Constitution Strength which are combined together to set the base level for various skills. As the game progresses your character gains experience points, which can be used to learn new skills, spells, special combat abilities, improve existing skills, and increase attributes; however, they must also be purchased from a NPC. There are also various alchemical, archery and blacksmith recipes that can be found within the game, which then can be used to make potions, bows, arrows, and lock picks.


Archetypes are pre-generated hero classes. They include the character's Race, Culture, Profession and a basic set of Attributes, Advantages and Disadvantages, Talents, Special Abilities, Equipment, etc. There are twenty different Archetypes in the game.


Additional NPCs can be recruited to join your party as the game progresses. Up to four characters can be in your party at one time. Companions will make random comments based on the situation, whether you just won a difficult battle, you're sneaking, or accepting/finishing quests, every companion will say something from time to time. You can also talk to your companions, but very few of them actually get updated dialogue, ie. most of them will always say the same thing from the moment you recruit them till the end of the game when you speak to them. Companions that are waiting for you in Ardo's home in Ferdok still gain Adventure Points as well as Experience points, the only exception is when Dranor is locked in jail, he will gain no experience or adventure points, which makes rescuing him as quick as possible a priority, if you want to use him in your party.

There are total of 10 companions in the game, including:


Ancoron Falcontalon - Ancoron has a troubled past, which fuels his anger and desire for vengeance and justice. As he tells it, one day he went out hunting, and as he saw his prey a dark shadow came over his heart, he felt that something terrible has happened, so he rushed back towards his home, by that time the sun had already dawned. He found that his family and friends have been killed and his entire village burned by an Ogre and a number of goblins, he swore vengeance and his life's aim from that point was to track the Ogre down and kill him. He locates them a small way away from the city of Tallon, its then that the player runs into Ancoron and offers his aid, with the help of the Tallon city guards the Ogre and goblins are wiped out.


Auralia - An Alchemist met at the very beginning in Avestrue, she can later be found in the Ducal Citadel from chapters 3-7. She can be recruited once the player helps her obtain ingredients for her recipe, which the player can do only in chapter 7. Aurelia has a very modest opinion of herself, she says that her alchemy goes awry often enough.

She thinks of herself as a completely ordinary person, despite spending a few years among the native tribes of the jungles, learning about the local plants, even going so far to learn the native language.


Dranor - A Rogue that is very much in love with Salina, the queen of the mountebanks. Like her, he can be met and recruited in chapter 1. He was forced by Noldrokon, an evil, mysterious mage to steal Salina's diadem, after the protagonist rescues him from Noldrokon's clutches, Salina confronts him, saying that she is angry at Dranor but will forgive him in time. Dranor is caught trying to climb Ferdok's walls, but was arrested for stealing a dwarven mechanism similar to a clock, a crime he says he did not commit. When the main character attempts to rescue him, he refuses to leave, showing that while he could have picked the lock of his jail cell, he didn't out of principals, because he is innocent of the crime. Its up to the player to clear his name. Dranor tries very hard to impress people around him by pretending to be a nobleman, going so far as completely changing his voice when he talks, when asked about this however he will admit that he tries very hard to be something that he is not, and that he is in fact from a small village.


Forgrimm - A dwarf and Ardo's bodyguard, Forgrimm blames himself for the death of his dear friend and protectee. He claims that he and Ardo bonded over a bottle of good wine which Forgrimm helped liberate when he answered Ardo's call for help in clearing his castle of ghosts, after that he and Ardo went on numerous adventures togethere. After Ardo's death Forgrimm sinks into melancholy, going so far as shaving off his long beard leaving only his mustache in order to show his shame. When asked about his past he says that he is son of an axe smith and that before venturing out in the land of humans he was a tunnel hunter and a guard for the miners. He is a Ferdok Pale Ale enthusiast and like Rhulana he always wants a straight up fight instead of sneaking around.


Gladys Shladromir - A charlatan and close friend of Ardo's, she was raised by him and in her youth she traveled much of Middenrealm, she eventually made her way to Ferdok where she once again met up with Ardo. As to why she was taken care of by Ardo when she was young is unknown, as her father is still alive during the events of the game, she is in fact the daughter of the infamous Cano, the leader of the thieves guild, its possible that he was in jail or was frequently busy so he didn't have time to take care of her. When asked of Ardo she says that he was cut from a very course cloth for a nobleman, that he found learning to write very difficult and that he only learned because his station demanded it. She states that he called other noblemen "self-important snobs" and that he always used to say that bathing more than once a moon (month) is blasphemy and sacrilege.


Gwendala - An elven spellweaver that is rescued in Moonbridge marshes, she is the first spellcaster character that can be recruited. She was in Moonbridge trying to lay to peace her ancestor that was apperently corrupted during the great Magical Wars that occurred 400 years ago. According to her research on Moonbridge Marshes they were once known as Ferngrove, they are a phenomenon due to the Magical Wars that took place, it changed the landscape from a fertile,agricultural land to the marshes that we see today. Her ancestor was an elf mage that cared for the forests of Ferngrove, at first humans cut down many trees to build settlements but the elven mage was able to keep the balance, until many sorcerers and mages and warlocks arrived. It was then that the great Magical Wars started and it was then that the elf mage was captured, mocked, and given an insulting burial rite, he then tied his spirit to one of the last life trees transforming it into a dark,evil and twisted thing. He continued to "protect" the forest, that are now marshes even after death by killing anyone who comes near.


Jost - A battlemage, Jost is human and Andregastian, he is 36 years old, he lived with his wealthy family and his life had a predetermined outcome, like all those who lived in Andergast. He was was the second child of a knight, his older brother followed in his fathers footsteps, and if he had a younger brother that brother would have joined the clergy, Jost himself was predetermined to become an Andergastian battlemage, as he was the second child. He left his home because he fell in love with his brothers fiance, whom his brother was engaged to in a pre-arranged marriage. He tried to persuade his father and brother to let him marry the woman, but was unable to, seeing this he left home. He misses his home and memories of his love are the reasons for his melancholy. When not in the active party he spends his time in Ferdok, reading and studying.

Jost is first met in Chapter 5, he was first held captive by a band of robbers, once the robbers were defeated and forced to retreat by Dragon Cultists, Jost remained a prisoner, it was up to the player to free him.


Nasreddin - Or Nasreddin ben Rhuban is a Novadi archer of the Beni Khibera tribe that was situated in Khom Desert. You meet him in Chapter 2 in Ugdan Harbor but you are unable to recruit him until Chapter 6, at which point he will ask 200 ducats for his services. He claims that he and his tribe have mastered the arts of warfare, and that he himself is truly skilled at using bows and daggers. He is a proud Novadi, and claims that his people normally don't leave the desert, but the call of adventure and gold was to strong for him not to hear. He has traveled far and wide, from the Lizard people that are located to the south of Middenrealm, to the "islands of the vile horse eating Maluks" he found that many a gentlemen were willing to pay for his combat expertise.


Rhulana - The daughter of Rondra who is the goddess of war, lightning, lions, anger etc. Rhulana is an Amazon and therefore follows the path of Rondra closely along with her Amazon sister Aydan. She is also the first companion the player can recruit. Rhulana was secretive and rude about her past and purpose until chapter 6 when Aydan comes to the players Ferdok residence, it is then revealed that Aydan and she are on the track of Black Amazons. Black Amazons or Mactaleanata have strayed from the path of Rondra and started worshiping another divine being Belhalhaar and are therefore considered enemies of all other Amazons, as their final initiation into the sisterhood Aydan and Rhulana had to track down and kill a spesific group of Mactaleanata that laid waste to Kurkurum. Aydan tracked this group of Black Amazons to an abandoned inn in the Ducal Citadel called the Golden Lancer, when the player and Rhulana meet up with Aydan there, she tells them that only the main character,Rhulana and herself will go into the inn because of the initiation. As its revealed in the inn, Aydan has betrayed not only Rhulana but has started worshiping Belhalhaar,and has become a Black Amazon, Rhulana refuses to believe this, but a fight breaks out in which Rhulana and the player are forced to kill all of the amazons. After this quest Rhulana becomes much

more open and respectful to the player. Like Forgrimm she is very aggressive and hates sneaking around.


Traldar - A knight met in Chapter 6, recruitable in Chapter 7 in the Ducal residence. He is descendant of a long list of knights, as well as the first Dragon Quest champion, he peacefully ruled Grimtooth Castle, carefully guarding the Dragon's Eye, an artifact which is used in the Dragon Quest, until "Black Furs" or Orcs stormed his castle alongside many Ogres in hopes of stealing the artifact. Traldar was forced to give up the artifact as the evil sorceress Malgorra took his son, Phenor hostage while demanding that she gets Dragon's eye, once she does she teleports betraying her servant, Noldrokon, the mysterious mage the player met at the beginning of the game. Noldrokon attacks and is defeated. After the conclusion of the battle Traldar's son is safe and he offers to join up with the main character after he tells count Growin what happened.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista
  • Processor: Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or better processor
  • Memory: 1536 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT with 256 MB RAM or similar video card
  • Hard Drive: 6 GB Hard Drive Space
  • Sound: DirectX® 9c compatible sound card


  • OS: Windows XP / Vista
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8200 2.6 GHz or better processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM for Windows® XP, 3 GB RAM for Windows® Vista
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or similar video card
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB Hard Drive Space
  • Sound: DirectX® 9c compatible Sound Card

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