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Dreadnought’s are a type of walker mech used by the Space Marines.  When a Space marine falls in battle, if they are considered a valuable asset, they will be made into a Dreadnought. They are hooked into the Dreadnought and become one with the machine. They will live on through this armored walker until destroyed. Massive amounts of armor make them hard to destroy in battle.  This resilience attributes to their old age, as most Dreadnoughts are thousands of years old. When not needed for battle, Dreadnoughts will go into an inactive sleep inside the Chapter’s chapel.


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The standard Dreadnought is equipped with a heavy ranged weapon on one arm and a close-combat weapon in the other. This allows them to be effective at any range on the battlefield. Their ranged weapon generally consists of either a Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer and their close-combat weapon is a Power Fist.


There are some variations of Dreadnoughts that use modified equipment to be more effective at a specific task.
 Hellfire Dreadnought
 Hellfire Dreadnought

Hellfire Dreadnought – Equipped with a Missile Launcher.
Siege Dreadnought – Has rock drills that allow it to bore through walls, used to assault fortified armor/buildings.
Some Space Marines use modified Dreadnoughts that are unique to their chapter.
Furioso – Used by the Blood Angels, it is equipped with two Power Fists instead of a ranged weapon. This makes it a great counter to enemy vehicles.
Mortis – Used by the Dark Angels chapter, this Dreadnought is equipped with two of the same heavy ranged weapon. The most common of these being twin Autocannons, Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, or even Missile Launchers.
Aegis – Used by the Grey Knights and modified to counter daemons and heretics, this Dreadnought is warp resistant and has blessed armour to provide protection from psychic powers. Sometime will have a Psycannon equipped as its ranged weapon.

Venerable Dreadnought  

The oldest of the Dreadnoughts, Venerable Dreadnoughts are granted this title because of their massive knowledge and experience in battle. They are harder to destroy than regular Dreadnoughts because of their warfare experience, but are equipped with older weaponry because of their long existence and it can sometimes malfunction.

Chaos Dreadnought

 Chaos Dreadnought
 Chaos Dreadnought
Chaos Space Marines also use Dreadnoughts on the battlefield, but they are not considered in the same respect as the Space Marines’ Dreadnought. They have become cautious of their Dreadnoughts because the mind inside of them is often insane and will attack its own allies if no enemies are in range on the battlefield.

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