ChuChu Rocket won't load

#1 Posted by TobyD81 (1288 posts) -

For some reason I can't get ChuChu Rocket to load on my Dreamcast. The console plays other games fine, and I have tried with two different copies of ChuChu Rocket. When I start up the game it shows the Sega logo and then quits to the Dreamcast dashboard. Neither of those copies were bootlegs; both were legit NTSC NA copies in an NTSC NA Dreamcast. Any suggestions?

#2 Posted by bombedyermom (343 posts) -

Buy a PS2 and move on.

#3 Edited by Ammut (24 posts) -

@TobyD81: Weird, if all other games work its likely just a bad couple of discs.

@bombedyermom: clearly you have not experienced the amazingness that is Chu Chu Rocket.

#4 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

I think you may just be incredibly unlucky. At times Dreamcast games can flat out just dislike your machine, I had this happen with a flawless copy of Shenmue that refused to load, but works on another console fine. I got a replacement copy and it worked perfectly in my machine.

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