In honor of Adam Sessler being on the bombcast: Old game insanity

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With the recent departure of Adam Sessler from X-Play, the reason for pretty much everyone to ever watch G4 ever again has somewhat vanished. However, perhaps more insane than this are the old episodes of Gamespot TV that are up on youtube. Not only are these great historical landmarks for what people thought was relevant during the years of 1999 and 2000, but they're also great windows into yet another way to see one Jeff Gerstmann get very excited about the Dreamcast. Sure, you've probably seen that Good Morning America clip, but have you seen this sucker?

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Yes, that's Peter More. However, near the end of the video, one Adam Sessler asks a Fubu jersey-wearing Jeff "What do you say if someone doesn't have enough cash at their disposal and can only get one of the next generation consoles, should they wait for the Nintendo and the Sony, or should they get the Dreamcast now?"

Jeff responds: "They should steal money from their parents and get a Dreamcast" Truly sage advice. Also, there's a lot of great ironic talk about the Dreamcast in this episode, but that should be a given.

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Great find, and great quote.

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"Jeff Gertsmann"

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Needs more flames

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