Is it worth spending ~$150 on a Dreamcast for these games?

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Is it worth spending about $150 (probably a little more) to buy a new Dreamcast just for Jet Set Radio and Shenmue? There's not really any other games on it I'm that interested in. And I've already played and beat Jet Set Radio Future and Shenmue II. Should I still do it? Or should I just hope for a re-release of those games? Or should I just give up hope all together?

I never played the original Jet Set or Shenmue, but I'm pretty sure they're real similar to the sequels anyway...

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$150? Why so expensive? I would say no, did you ever buy a system for two games only? But really, there are plenty more awesome titles for any kind of gamer on it.

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I wouldn't say it's worth it. But then, I'm not you. It depends how badly you want to play these games. Though one thing to consider is that, while I'm certain somewhere down the line, these games will make it onto one of the future consoles as downloads, or even full-on remakes, you never know exactly when that is going to happen, and oftentimes, an old game just doesn't hold up so well so many years into the future (seems especially true for earlier 3D games). You might not want to play them, at that point.

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Dreamcasts aren't very expensive at all. I saw one sell for £15 on ebay recently.  And aside from the novelty of owning a new system, there are lots of other decent games. Street fighter 3 for example.

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Dreamcast is the greatest system ever.  Any price is worth it.

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Buy one for $99.

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IamJohn and CL know whats up. Buying a Dreamcast is recommended, just don't get ripped off.

And no mention of MvC 2, Crazy Taxi or Virtua Tennis?? Those games are gems!

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Why not buy a used system?  I got a used Dreamcast, 2 controllers, 2 VMUs, and 16 good games for $84 including shipping. 

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You can get one on ebay for $30 with those games, VMUs and extra controllers. What's with this $150 business? Are you thinking of getting a working SegaCD with it?

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thegoldencat7 said:
"Dreamcasts aren't very expensive at all. I saw one sell for £15 on ebay recently.  And aside from the novelty of owning a new system, there are lots of other decent games. Street fighter 3 for example."
Street Fighter 3 is a looooooooooot more than decent, bub.

Also, Jet Grind Radio & Shenmue aren't going for like 150$ on Amazon, they're going for like less than thirty. Now for some of the Capcom games, like Canon Spike, Project Justice, and Power Stone 2, those games are going for high prices online.
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I don't think so

lots of good Dreamcast games though, so maybe this system is worth it
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I bought my Dreamcast for $200 when it first came-out... surprised that the price hasn't come down more than that, in this day and age. 

If people would have just supported the DC from the start, like they were supposed to, it wouldn't have failed like it did :'(

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Yeah the Dreamcast is sadly looked over by a lot of people. Call if poor timing on Sega's part (as well as leaving the system open to mass piracy), but DC has a certain charm to it. When the DC initially launched with Sonic Adventure, I was close to shitting myself at the graphical improvement over prior systems. Yeah the graphics are ugs based on current standards, but the library of games is awesome.

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For those two games only. No I wouldnt think so, but if you are going to expend your library beyond just those two I would probably pick one up.

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I think it would depend on how many games you plan on getting. You should get more than two games for sure.

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Consider expanding your collection on the Dreamcast.

Also the only truly good Sonic Games.

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For Shenmue - yes.
For Jet Set Radio - yes.

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I heard there are very good DC emulators out there, so if you have a decent rig I would check out if your games are playable on the emulators. Make sure you buy the games first tho, but it'd be cheaper than shelling out for the DC

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You can find it cheaper than that, I would think.

edit: just realized this thread is a month old... did you end up buying it?

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