Any other games similar to this? On any platform

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I recently started thinking of Dreamfall, great game with a huge cliffhanger at the end and since Funcom is busy working on MMO's it doesn't seem like we'll ever get a sequel

So what did I like about it? It had a cool story and good characters with a great sense of style in the visuals, so does anyone have any ideas?

Also who else is really bummed out about not getting a sequel anytime soon? I bought the game years ago knowing nothing about it and it really surprised me, now I'm getting the urge to re-install and play it again

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Hmm I guess no one saw this? Or there's no fans of Dreamfall here

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broken sword the sleeping dragon , syberia 1-2 maybe ? if u mean the 3d ones

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Haha so cool to see another TLJ fan here. I'd agree with @fjor but really, Dreamfall was a best-in-breed kind of game. No point-n'-click I've played since has been able to measure up.

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@Venatio: I very much enjoyed dreamfall. Its just been so long that I've lost all hope.
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Did you play the first game, The Longest Journey? It came before Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

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@Venatio I guess The Longest Journey if you haven't played that yet. Although I think as far as gameplay Indigo Prophecy does a better job of doing what Dreamfall tried to do with blending traditional adventure and action adventure
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Primal on Playstation 2 has quite a lot of similarities and is quite good.
The Momement of Silence is also pretty nice and shares some similar themes (near future, oppressive government), lacks however the fantasy element (closer to TLJ then Dreamfall). 
A little far out there is also The Void, not really similar in terms of gameplay, but somewhat similar in the overall tone. Also, just like Dreamfall, an incredible beautiful game. 
There is also Gabriel Knight 2, not really all that similar, but really good adventure game with great characters and a bit of fantasy thrown in.
Another not-so-similar adventure game worth mentioning is Secret Files, it doesn't try to be high art or anything, but is quite enjoyable for what it is, in terms of puzzle design it is very well done.

And the things others have already mentioned:

indigo Prophecy, very good modern 3D adventure game.
Syberia, personally I found it kind of bland and boring, but there are plenty of people who really like it.
Broken Sword series is also very good.
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