Mods for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey?

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I'm wondering if there are any visual mods/texture replacements out for this game, preferably HD re-texture work for characters or environments that I should check out. I'm interested in checking this game out, and I've been known to enjoy good user created mods that make old games better looking, or look like you 'think' they should look instead of what they actually do look like.

To be clear I don't really think the game looks terrible, it seems to have some good animation and that seems to help older games age well. Along with decent style.

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Google is your friend. Some of those links seem to be broken though.

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I collected some mod tools at I don't know of any hi-res texture packs, that bit of modding that happened with the game was mostly just for-fun texture swap stuff and browsing through the data files to extract music and stuff.

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@spazmaster666: I saw that before I posted, most of them looked weird/lame and none were re-textures for the game to bring it up in resolution.

@Grumbel: Yea that's a bummer I wish I was active in texture work cause I'd gladly spend time re-texturing random games for those people like myself that really appreciate that sort of thing for going back to games, making them look like how you remember rather than how they actually are which is always worse :(

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@DJJoeJoe said:

@spazmaster666: I saw that before I posted, most of them looked weird/lame and none were re-textures for the game to bring it up in resolution.

Probably not enough demand for it for anyone to bother with any HD texture mods for that game.

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@spazmaster666: Yea of course, old game that wasn't really incredibly popular at any point. The internet doesn't fail at having what you want very often, but when it does fail it fails pretty hard. Wonder if that's a thing that would ever 'take off'... a whole old game re-texturing internet fad. I'd love that, there ARE tools out there like textmod/uMod that allow realtime switching of textures for 'any' game or 'most' games so the means are there, just need to drive.

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