How do I get permission to adapt Sanitarium for the stage?

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I have a friend who directs plays at a tiny community theater in a tiny town. I've been talking to him recently about how amazing it would be to adapt Sanitarium as a Halloween show to be performed for one weekend. How does one go about obtaining permission to do this? The company is no more, but the game is still sold on, so somebody must still claim ownership.

I don't have experience in this, but I'd love to prove to him that we wouldn't be sued. (As if a small town community theater would pop up on the radar of anyone.)

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Maybe try going through and seeing if there is a publisher listed somewhere, or contacting directly since they must know who the publisher is. Its probably just going to take a bit of detective work to get the ball rolling.

If you do get something going, let me know. Sanitarium is one of my most favorite adventure games. I remember having to dig up that dead baby and thinking "This is the most disturbing game I have ever played!"

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@sociald1077 said:

"This is the most disturbing game I have ever played!"

And awesome!

Good luck with the play.

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