DreamWeb now freeware

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Heh, I was just thinking of this with Patrick playing Lone Survivor and Hotline Miami. Became fascinated by the game when I saw the "Diary of a madman" ad in a magazine. Still have the game box from back in the day.

#3 Posted by BeachThunder (13290 posts) -

Great game :o Definitely give it a go if you're looking for a unique and messed up (in a good way) adventure game.

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DreamWeb was one of my all time favorite games. I have played it as i was very young and found it to be very absorbing. Great story! Great soundtrack!

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Awesome! Definitely one of my all time favorites. Very atmospheric for its time.

#6 Posted by el_tajij (808 posts) -

This is worth checking out. Also, the soundtrack is incredible - one of my favorites.

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I'd never heard of this. It looks awesome. Is it anything like Beneath a Steel Sky?

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@StarFoxA: Well, they're both 90s cyberpunk adventure games, but Dreamweb is much darker, more brutal, and somewhat ambiguous as to what is actually happening.

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Weird. I keep thinking of DreamWeb every time I play Hotline Miami. Gameplay-wise they're not very similar, but the topdown perspective and extreme violence really reminds me of that game.

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Failing to tidy my room recently I reopened my Amiga box of this and was pleased to see everything (Disks and a save disk, verbose manual, Diary, my notes) still there but had that pang of disappointment that I'd never bother going to the trouble of working out a way, legit or otherwise, to play it again: then I serendipitously happened onto a vid of Yahtzee Croshaw playing it on his YouTube channel (http://fullyramblomatic-yahtzee.blogspot.ie/2012/04/dream-little-dream-web.html) and looked it up here to find it listed as Freeware. LOL, seems like all these coincidences are trying to tell me something LOL, I'll see what my dreams tell me :D :D :D :)

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