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Beginning in highschool Drew Coombs began to develop a passion for acting. This led him to Ryerson University to study theater where he was encouraged to rely on his natural talent and go directly into the business. He traveled to LA where he studied method acting. However, a family crisis brought him right back to Toronto, where he signed with Edna Talent Management which caused his career to flourish. Between LA and Toronto, Drew saw how the industry was completely different in the two cities. Where Toronto treats acting as a hobby and LA approached acting as purely a career.

His resume contains many credits, many of which are leading roles in television, film and in stage plays. Including Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs," a stage play in which Coombs played his favorite character from the film, Mr. Blonde. The play was among the first that Tarantino licensed to be performed. 

In the spring of 2003, Toronto went threw a substantial change in the business because of the SARs health scare. Despite this, Coombs continues to work, mostly behind the camera. He has found enourmous success performing voiceacting for a variety of commercials and acquired quite a fan base as the voice of Dante, in Capcom’s hugely-popular video game Devil May Cry. Although many fans still consider him to be the best voice for the character, Capcom chose non-union talent in order to save money when they created the sequel.

Along with doing numerous voiceovers, him and his business partner Joel Keller created "Yes I Do Films," and produced "Past Present," a film which has gone on to receive several awards, including "Best International Short" at the New York Film Festival. The film served as a calling card for future projects, wherein Drew has gone on to produce TV spots for CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for Aids Research). 

Drew appeared on Episode 10 (.mp3) of Digital Kontent in which he talked about how he obtained the role as Dante, as well as his other performances in his career.


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