Power sliding / Drifting in Real Life

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So we recently got a dusting of snow here in Nebraska, and that usually means that I'll end up doing cookies in a parking lot before the week is over. But I'm also inclined to power slide around corners, I think because of the influence of playing videogames and because of the influence of it being really badass. I won't do it when there's cars parked on the street or if there's traffic, obviously, but most any other opportunity I will. Anyone else excited for these opportunities? 
I'm told time and time again that it's dangerous and stupid, but I like to think that I've gotten pretty good at it. And if I used the term "power slide" when I actually meant "drifting," I'm sorry, but I can't discern the difference in this context.

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Hell yeah.  I actually ditched my car last years snow cause I tried the same thing at this corner going around to my house.  Can't help it though, nothing like speeding up and slamming the brakes to send you flying across the backroad.   :D 

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I don't think i've ever been more pissed off or scared than when my drunken brother randomly pulled up my handbrake while i was dropping one of his friends off a couple of years ago. It felt pretty badass that i didnt skid off the road but im never pulling that kind of stuff, even if its of my own volition.

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How do you do it? I drive a manual car. Do I just use the e-brake as I'm turning?
*I see bad things in my future*

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That seems like a stupid idea. If I ever did that, it would be in an empty parking lot or something.

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@chogi: Well, yeah. I mean, I learned from playing a bunch of games, and typically you just give the e-brake a bit of a touch when you want to start sliding. And then depending on how much speed you have, how much you e-brake, brake, turn, and accelerate, you glide around the corner. It's a process that's really well simulated in videogames. 
And even better, you drive a manual, which I do as well. You can really get into it by adjusting how much you clutch, how much gas you give it, and how fast you release the clutch. Tons of fun.

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