Should Powersliding get a seperate page?

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So as most of you probaly dont know, the only kind of cars that can drift are rear-wheel drive cars. All-wheel drive cars can powerslide, but not drift, so i decided to make a powersliding page. Of course, it was rejected, and the mod told me to put it under drifting, so i come to the drifting page, and a find that just about every game on this page is really powersliding not drifting ( i really dont get why mario kart is on here, since that game even calls it powersliding). Its just kind of offensive to me, a big time drifter in Forza 2 (the drifting in that is very realistic and difficult) that all these games where you can just slide around cars in a AWD vehicle is attached to drifting, not the far less difficult powersliding found in many arcade racers. So should powersliding get its own page?

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No, while powersliding is indeed different than drifting, the outcome is actually similar enough that it doesn't need its own page. Of course that just means the regular article can be expanded to make sure the difference of powerslide versus drift is known and apparent to everyone. In fact having the two techniques in one article would make sure people would know the difference instead of reading one article and never knowing the other side of the coin.

The only offensive part that I can think of is that both game types are under one list. However, you kinda have to that that hit if it means educating people with one long expanded article on drifting and powersliding.

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I rewrote the stuff on powersliding and cleared it up. It should be ok if I could spend more time making it a subsection.

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