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You start of in the career mode with a small amount of cash and one car. You have to do races or challenges to earn more money and therfore get better cars. By winning races you gain higher ranks and can compete in higher level races. 
There are three classes of cars; Compact, Midsize and Muscle (Worst to best). There is also a special class with things such as the Bus, Cop car, Taxi, Postal Van and the Hurst. Each car has three stats; Speed, Handling and Strength (1 to 10, 10 being better).  In each set there are various makes of car like the moth in the Compact and the Rocket in the Muscle (10 Speed and Handling)
There are many types of races to choose from; Forwards Backwards, Whip Around, Red Rover, Trailer race, Chain race, Gauntlet, Battle, Squash the Moth, Demolition Derby, Push Off, Figure Eight race, Figure Eight Jump race, Jump race, Flagpole, Short-cut, Stop Go race, No Rules race. 
There are unlockable "feats" such as AI Vengence mode, Turbo Boost mode, one where you can fire exploding chickens out of the front of your car at opponents and more.

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