old_snake864's Driver: Parallel Lines (PlayStation 2) review

Another good driver game worth checking out!

I don't really see why so many people dislike this game.

The game is great in every sense. Its story is not dull and boring its is told especically well. No other game has a unique story like this one. You start out young and hook up with a gang with a killer plan but then get turned on. During this part of the game you play 1978 where the cars buildings ect. look like they would in that era even the HUD is appropriate. Then you get thrown in jail and 28 years later get released and are out for your old gang members. During this time you character looks different there are different cars and the HUD has changed this is what makes it so great. No other game has achieved this. The cars handle realisticly and fell like proper cars. Free roaming around new york is great there is 260km of road to explore and along with the main missions there are side missions to do which makes the game last for ages (sure this is like GTA but who cares it works).

You can now also shoot out of your car whilst driving which is a great new addidtion. Speaking of cars there are almost endless numbers you can drive (80+). A really cool part of this game is fully collecting and customizing the vehicle's you come across. Overall sure it may be similar to GTA but there is so much to do in this game and a good veriety of things to do.

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