Anyone else played the demo yet?

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I just downloaded it off PSN alongside the El Shaddai demo (which was fantastic.)  
Gotta say, this may very well be the worst Driver game other than 3.

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The bit where they try to justify the fact Tanner can jump into anyone's body. Priceless.

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Yea, I downloaded it. It's terrible, though.

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Terrible demo!

@mwng said:

The bit where they try to justify the fact Tanner can jump into anyone's body. Priceless.

I was cracking up!

Can't believe there has actually been hype around this game... Guess it gets hyped as it is part of the most overrated videogame franchise in history.

I didn't expect much better if I'm honest.

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I won't be getting it but I liked the idea of flicking between 2 different cars during a race. Making sure you finish in both first and second place. 

Plus having 2 characters in the corners of the screen talking while doing a mission was nice.

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I liked it. Playing in first person mode made it a lot more enjoyable, for me, and I dug the cheesy voice acting and buddy-cop presentation. I'll probably give it a rent.

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I like the "shift" mechanic but the gameplay itself has way too many problems for me to buy it. 
Firstly, the driving feels terrible, the cars feel really unresponsive and don't handle in a way that feels usable. 
Secondly, the shift mechanic is really underused seeming to only be used to change vehicles which you are then stuck using. 
Thirdly, time limits are not fun. Every objective I played had a time limit associated with it removing any chance to mess around with mission objectives. 
I completed the "prove it" mission and ran out of time 3 times on the third mission trying to outrun cops while crashing into stuff because the car won't turn. I didn't want to finish the mission or try the second it felt so bad. Maybe they just picked the wrong missions but I felt like the cars didn't handle well enough to do what was required within their stupid time limit. 
 Really disappointed that the concept has been stuck with such a poor game.

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I was actually looking forward to this game. Not after playing the demo.
Whilst Driver 3 was a buggy mess, I still had fun with it and I remember enjoying the car handling/driving somewhat.
The driving in this game feels terrible and I was instantly disappointed with it. The weight to the cars feels all wrong and isn't even slightly realistic or satisfying. As for the 'shift' mechanic, it seemed gimmicky and unnecessary to me.
Its a shame because the driver games have so much potential if they would just get the basics right, I wont be buying this one that's for sure.

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the demo is really disappointing. everything surrounding the game makes you think that it would be okay. the story seems super dumb and cheesy but in a way that i could get on board with, the old car chase and buddy-cop movie style with the music and presentation is pretty cool just like the first Driver was, and the multiplayer mode seems nuts, but it's pretty disappointing that with all the potential surrounding it, they can't even get the basics to work.  
the cars control pretty badly. it feels like the cars are driving on bars of soap with lead blocks attached to them. it never felt like the car was actually responding to what i wanted to actually do. i just ended up smashing into a wall or traffic cars or something, which i would have done anyway, but it didn't really help that when i actually wanted to chase a dude or something, i pretty much had to fight the controls.  
i also felt like, as a free roam driving game, i wanted a bit more freedom in where i could drive. there were staircases and stuff that looked like i should be able to drive off of to get some air or something, but you just end up slamming into an invisible wall, which is really lame. there was one moment where i got huge air from the car transporter and i was about to fuck up a bunch of houses by flying into them, but i just hit an invisible wall again.  
though, that's just me being picky. i guess i'll skip this game, at least until it's real low in price. a shame, i was interested in the replay feature, but i guess i'll just head back to DRIV3R where at least there, when i fly off something, i can fly under the level geometry. 

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I'm glad It just wasn't my lack of game driving skills and it apparently is the game.

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I wasn't too impressed.

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I have heard positive things from people that tried the multiplayer,so maybe that will be it's savior. I thought the demo was ok, but the complaints about the gamey shift mechanic and less than impressive handling are definately viable.

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@mwng said:
The bit where they try to justify the fact Tanner can jump into anyone's body. Priceless.
I just sat there going 'uh ... uh ... what?'  
Can't believe they've actually tried to integrate such a weird mechanic into the storyline. Might as well have him trying to explain the infinite-nitro generators which power the boost meter in every single car. Bizarre.  
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The justification for why Tanner can jump between cars (he's in a coma!) really just makes me want somebody to make a good Life on Mars game. 
Based on the British series, not that US abomination.

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Like I said in the other thread I liked the driving. It felt good although Tanners car was a bit awkward but everything else felt fine. A good sense of speed in the driving too. The story could be goofy fun if its done right, I liked that it didn't take it so seriously like Driver 2 and 3.  Any way I'd wonder how the full game reviews but I thought the demo was pretty decent.

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The single player made things feel really stupid and yeah the cars felt like this weird mashing of arcade and simulation racing, and the game felt horribly unforgiving with crashes.  However I won't lie in that I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer.  Where shifting into cars while playing tag actually works.  It's a shame Blur failed, because if it did well this game wouldn't have a thing to do with the Driver license, they probably would've made it more arcadey, and just made it some crazy racing game.

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@Magicallystoopid said:

I won't lie in that I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer. Where shifting into cars while playing tag actually works.

Agreed. I played half a dozen rounds or so last night, and the MP is surprisingly a lot of fun. The controls totally work for this type of game, and all the cars have their own stats and all feel a little different from each other, making you employ a little strategy when you "shift." I just hope people actually get the game, so there's people online playing it.

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It seems interesting in concept although i didn't find any good uses for the jumping or whatever their calling it.

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I don't know what you guys are talking about. I found the driving great, and the cars look realistic and detailed, especially the gorgeous Challenger. Yes the story may seem stupid, but the "buddy cop movie" feeling works and suits the game fine.

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@abdo: I'm a little surprised by the reaction here, too. Maybe it's because the cars have more weight to them like a sim racer(IE: you need to either brake or use handbrake to do turns at 120 MPH) that some people are having issues, but I had no issues with handling all 3 races.

Also, to the uninformed: The only part of the game that takes place in the real world (supposedly) is most of the stuff shown in the opening video. Tanner and Jericho both have a crash trying to take each other out, and end up in comas. So this game(unless they pull a Shayamalan) is a coma dream Tanner is having, which is why there's infinite boost and hopping between people. That doesn't mean it can't have an interesting story otherwise.

I also found Jones to be somewhat interesting as a partner.

This is just my opinion, though. The rest are entitled to theirs, but if someone tries the demo and are having difficulty controlling the vehicles, try fast turning like in Gran Turismo, not like in Hot Pursuit.

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The jumping between car mechanics felt sloppy. The driving was poor, the characters and story is not something I would want to play.

Not a good game from my time with it.

@CaLe said:

I haven't played it yet but I also hate it and am disappointed by it.


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@Eujin: yeah, I guess you need to be good at driving games to quickly get used to the handling here.
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I remember the first Driver, and that is all I will remember.

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I thought it sucked. I did kinda enjoy the comedic vibe, though.

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How do i get out of the vehicle? Driver 3 was freakin' amazing because of the bugs and glitches in the game. You could also get out of the vehicles, and the cherry on cake was that you could record your own videos! Mix all those together and you get one of the best game ever. 
I am so disappointed in this game... 
In memories of Driv3r: 


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I played the demos for this and Bodycount back to back, and afterwards I almost wanted to never play video games again.

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Dreaded the single-player, but I want to try out multi-player before I pass the game off.  But still that story...

#29 Posted by Sackmanjones (5206 posts) -
@BoringK: I feel sorry for you. Both of those are probably some of the worst demos I've ever played
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I just played the multiplayer demo for about an hour and really enjoyed it. It's like that freeway scene from the Matrix sequel, all the time. There's nothing for satisfying then jumping into another car and ramming another player head on.

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