E3 2011: Driver San Francisco Trailer

#1 Edited by VincentVendetta (276 posts) -

YES... to the quest, not the game actually. The Driver series can die for all I care.

#2 Posted by Osiris (551 posts) -

Could be alright?

#3 Posted by Citizengamer (183 posts) -

Wish that quest would die so I can avoid making inane comments such as this (still haven't gotten it). Anyway, this trailer left me confused as to what this game will actually be about ... besides driving. Can they channel some Taxi Driver?

#4 Posted by Chopstix (37 posts) -

Ugh. Did anybody actually have fond memories of the Driver series?

#5 Posted by Sin4profit (3036 posts) -
@Chopstix: yep
#6 Posted by blacklab (1640 posts) -

A car than can handle his rage? WTF

#7 Posted by ShaneDev (1696 posts) -

I liked Driver 1 and 3 but I have never liked the Jericho/Tanner story, so basically I have never liked the story of Driver games. This looks like the same story but I have always liked the actual driving and this looks pretty good. The voice over in this trailer was a bit shit, not the actor just what he was saying.  

#8 Posted by emergency (1190 posts) -

Don't know what the story is really going to be like, but the crap about him being like in a coma or something weird.. I don't see it being good.

#9 Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro (947 posts) -

I hope the car that can handle his rage is voiced by William Daniels.

#10 Posted by neckface (63 posts) -

This looks really dumb, the dialogue was stupid and not in a fun way and there was no damage left on the cars from any of the collisions.

I'm sure they'll iron it out, but this looks like a game that would have been released maybe 2 years into the 360 lifecycle.

#11 Posted by MisterMouse (3579 posts) -

gosh roads are the worst!!!

#12 Posted by Subjugation (4763 posts) -


#13 Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro (947 posts) -
@Chopstix said:
Ugh. Did anybody actually have fond memories of the Driver series?
Driver was a pretty big deal in Europe. The first game was a system seller.
#14 Posted by Chopstix (37 posts) -
I suppose so, but my memories of the most recent ones sadly overshadow it.
#15 Posted by SkinnyBlue (320 posts) -

"I need a car that can handle my rage"-I think we just found the best line in gaming, people.

#16 Posted by AjayRaz (12504 posts) -
@Chopstix said:
Ugh. Did anybody actually have fond memories of the Driver series?
the first game was a lot of fun. the second game was alright, and the third game was a complete disaster, but it's probably my favorite entry in the series. further from that is where my experience with the Driver series ends.  
i wouldn't think too many people were fond of the series judging from the usual reaction to a single mention of the Driver name, but i really enjoyed them. 
#17 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2411 posts) -

That song did not go with his words.

#18 Posted by MeatSim (10986 posts) -

If you weren't in a coma you would be in jail Tanner.

#19 Posted by abdo (1044 posts) -
@VincentVendetta: It was pretty much dead after Driv3r, but now it's back in a big way. 
@Chopstix: Oh yes. The first Driver, the best one, was fantastic on the PC. Driving through San Francisco with kamikaze cop cars all over you was a real frantic experience, and the last mission is one of the best final levels I've played in any game. 
#20 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Man, remember when Driver used to be like a thing?

#21 Posted by Branthog (5613 posts) -

Have these guys actually ever been in San Francisco? Since when are the streets that clear? Fuck, you can't even move five feet in your car, without having to deal with some fucking jackass pedestrian throwing themselves into the road for one retarded reason or another, much less dealing with other drivers.

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