So this is on the Steam Sale

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After hearing the guys talk so much about this game on the goty podcasts, and Eric Wolpaw praise the game I would like to check it out. How well does it run on PC(I saw that other thread, but it is old and patches may have changed things)? Is it worth putting up with Ubisoft DRM? It doesn't list direct controller support, what does it take to get the 360 controller to work with the game? Would it be a better idea o wait until this game hits the bargain bin on the console side? I have more games than I have time to play, I just didn't want to pass up a good deal on an interesting game.

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This definitely looks like an interesting deal. I might pick it up tomorrow if I still want it in the morning. It sounds like a really crazy story (kind of like Max Payne, which I really enjoyed), but the gameplay might not be the greatest.

#3 Posted by AlexW00d (6686 posts) -

Tbh I'd wait 'til it's a fiver.

#4 Posted by sfighter21 (833 posts) -

@Chubbaluphigous: I got it for the 50% mark down, seeing as how I had like $65 from returning AC Revelations (cause honestly, I don't want to play another AC game yet). Has gamepad support, so no worries there. Runs smooth if you meet the specs (it wasn't necessarily choppy, but it didn't feel right with the AA on, so I turned it off and looks and plays great). The handling of the cars took some time to get used to since the only kind of driving I've done in games recently is Saints Row... yeah, don't come into the game expecting car control like that. It's more realistic, so remember that, lol.

#5 Posted by Zlimness (593 posts) -

Bought it on the sale and actually don't regret it one bit. The driving feels great and the physics are just right for an arcade racer like this. Best car police chases this side of Hot Pursuit as well. The out-of-body gimmick is surprisingly messed up. Certainly wasn't expecting them to take it so far.

This series has a lot of potential. Everything outside of the main story is pretty repetitive and bland though, but the concept is too good to throw away. Can't wait for the next one!

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