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Oliver Twins and Atlus 0

Some combination on the title? Unfortunately this is not a freak Atlus version of Dizzy's Adventures or anything. "Just" a simple puzzle game. Game is developed by Blitz, more accurately their arcade department. Atlus was the publisher for this 2009 title that recently has been on Steam sale for ridiculous low price. To best describe Droplitz one could compare this a mixture between Lumines and Pipe Dream. The presentation taken from Lumines and game-play from Pipedream or its countless rel...

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A (near) masterpiece of puzzle synesthesia 0

Droptliz can be best described as the love child of pipe dream and Pachinko. Depending on the board chosen, a grid of circles encasing pipes are laid out below these droppers. Like their namesake little...droplets travel down the pipes into the bottom. The goal of the game is simply to spin the grid of pipes to create connections between the droppers and the catchers at the bottom. Lastly the droplets split into two once they reach a forked part of their path and the droplets only travel downwar...

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A Comfortable Puzzle 0

Droplitz was a game I quite enjoyed as I played it, although it's not one I spend a lot of time playing.  It's a game where you rotate pieces and try to make paths to send your Droplitz from one end to the other.  I think the basic, simple gameplay is where this game shines best.  It has a sort of Zen appeal to it, and that shows best with the Zendurance challenge mode.  I also liked the Classic mode, and the Power Up mode was a different flavor but still good.  The only game mode that I didn't ...

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Been there, done that. 0

For the most part Atlus has been known for creating stellar role-playing games such as the Persona franchise. So I was really intrigued in checking out what some might consider a departure from their usual repertoire, with the Blitz Arcade developed puzzle title Droplitz. At its core, Droplitz is a pretty standard puzzle game that takes the same Tetris like feel and concept and attempts to apply its own approach. To put it simply, if you’ve played Tetris before, or any other game like it really,...

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