Jeff playing Drox Operative!

#1 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (681 posts) -

Was listening to the bombcast this morning and heard Jeff mention that he was playing Drox Operative. Of all the guys on the site, he seemed to be the last one I figured would go in for that sort of thing. Given Soldak's history of MMO-style attacks and vaguely weird/incomprehensible procedural weirdness with Din's Curse, I figured that would alienate the hell out of him, but he seemed partially positive (or at least interested in doing a quick look.)

Anybody else check this out over the holidays? I pre-ordered and played a lot of the beta while they were updating on the regular. Haven't had time to go back to it since around October or so.

#2 Posted by granderojo (1797 posts) -

Jeff is actually the most MMO friendly of the lot. Remember he did drop 100 hours into Old Republic. No I haven't, I put at least 50 hours into Captain Forever, by that time I had already been burnt out when SPAZ came out. Unless the quicklook shows me something really awesome that it's doing different, no thanks.

#3 Posted by Morningstar (2250 posts) -

Benn wanting to check this one out myself. Sounds awesome on paper, but I havent like previous Soldak games much.

#4 Posted by Wilk0 (10 posts) -

I've been playing the demo for a good few hours today and I got really into it after seeing the quick look.

It's got a ton of depth, and as far as i can see the demo is the full game with a level 6 level cap. (which im at)

I need to check out the multiplayer servers but it deffinitely ticks all the boxes for me.

Really enjoying it and will be purchasing.

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