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I sincerely doubt that there's many Soldak fans hanging out here, but considering there's a page for Drox Operative and it appears to be reasonably filled in, I imagine this is pertinent to some. You can now pre-order the game for 25% off and get access to the beta.

Looks pretty interesting. I'm a huge fan of Din's Curse. I really liked the ARPG mechanics mixed with having to generally care for an entire town/find out who's poisoning the well/etc.

I'm a little sceptical about how well they'll pull off space combat in Drox Operative, but the idea of a free-ranging, dynamic universe with rpg mechanics sounds pretty solid. And at $14 to pre-order, consider me sold.

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I've never head about the studio or game you've mentioned here. I guess it's a space-sim in the same vein as Elite?

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@Ravenlight said:

I've never head about the studio or game you've mentioned here. I guess it's a space-sim in the same vein as Elite?

I imagine there's a bit of Elite in there (as far as any sort of space game with trading has some Elite in it.)

Soldak's last game was called Din's Curse. It was an ARPG in the vein of Diablo, but had a lot more randomization. Furthermore, the townspeople would go down into the dungeon and sometimes need rescuing. There would be various other plots to attack the town as well, and elite monsters would navigate between levels and spawn more and more powerful monsters if they were not dealt with quickly. Sometimes you'd have to figure out if someone was poisoning the town and generally keep things from spinning wildly out of control (which happened more often than not.) In some cases, townspeople would ask you for money to buy food. If you refused, they'd eventually starve to death or attack other townspeople for food and money.

Drox Operative appears to be a sort of Din's Curse in space, with a wide range of factions all going about their business. Your job appears to be to encourage intergalactic peace by taking out pirates, trading and solving missions while levelling up your ship and paying your crew. Combat is very Diablo-esque and actually feels pretty decent.

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We are finally out of beta and have released Drox Operative! You can buy it here or try the demo.

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