Aura Aura Climber - DSiWare (Nintendo)

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Nintendo have released Aura Aura Climber onto it's NA DSiWare service. 
Nintendo Description: 

Aura Aura Climber - 200 Nintendo Points
Aura-Aura has fallen out of the sky and landed on Earth!. He is determined to return to his rightful place in the universe and become a bright star. Take control of Aura-Aura, and help him to accomplish this by using his grapple arm to grab a variety of grapple points and continuously climb higher in the sky. Along the way, collect items to aid him (bombs, extensions for his grapple arm) and avoid enemies that damage Aura-Aura’s health. Two modes of play offer very different challenges: Score Attack, in which you try to get to the goal with as many points as possible, and Endless, in which your aim is simply to help Aura-Aura climb as high into the sky as possible within the time limit. And even if you think you’ve mastered the art of climbing, both modes offer numerous medals to find or earn by completing specific tasks. With its intuitive controls, straight forward game play, and incredible replay value, Aura-Aura’s journey is arcade-style gaming at its best...or should that be its highest?


  A recent owner of the game:  

"Overall this is a very solid release and easy to tell that it was made by Nintendo by the obvious layer of polish put on it. I would say that it is the best 200 point title out there and has the longest legs too. Very happy I took a chance on this one. You should too! It's only 2 bucks".    
I've yet to see footage of the game, but it looks and sounds pretty neat for a mere 200 points.
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Curious to see some footage of it. Looks like it is a great time waster to play when waiting for something. 
Wonder if it has online high scores.

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It looks like you have to catapult a star upwards while avoiding obstacles on the way. 
I'll be sure to post a video as soon as one's available. 
Hopefully there'll be more DSiWare games like it shown at the media summit. 

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Ha so it is a bit like that mini game in New Super Mario Bros.
Do you know what time the Media Summit is exactly?

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@Rallier said:
" Ha so it is a bit like that mini game in New Super Mario Bros.   Do you know what time the Media Summit is exactly? "
It's starts at 9am PST

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