DSi Ware Virtual Console idea.

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Okay, so we all know that the DSi is going to have a download service.
and we all know there's going to be original titles apearing on there.

but, what I'm really hoping for is a virtual console section as well...
No, not the same virtual console as the Wii Virtual Console

This could be the DSi Virtual Console!
It could have Game Boy games, GBC games, GBA games (Now that we're missing that slot), Game Gear, Nomad, Neo Geo Pocket Color, etc.

Who else thinks this would be a cool idea?

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Bugger that, if you still own games from previous handhelds and systems you can use teh ROMZ with the added SD card slot.

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It's a cool idea which is why it's on the cards, it always has been. Rumours are that it's only going to be GB games to start with.

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They've Announced they're going to have first party GB, GBC and GBA games haven't they?

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