DSiWare games not transferrable to your new XL (possible rant)

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If you bought some DSiWare games on your DSi, you have to re-buy them to play on a DSi XL.

Nintendo's DSi XL launches in North America tomorrow, but if you plan on picking one up, here's a note of warning: If you also own a DSi, any DSiWare games you bought for it won't transfer to your new DSi XL -- you'll have to re-purchase them on the XL in order to play them on it.

A Nintendo spokesperson confirmed this limitation to Kotaku, saying that although they're "looking into that specific topic" it terms of finding a workaround, they "don't have anything to announce at this time." The problem essentially stems from the fact that Nintendo doesn't have any kind of persistent account that can be transferred or logged into on various hardware, meaning there's no way a gamer's new DSi XL could "know" whether they've already purchased any DSiWare games.

Hopefully Nintendo will indeed figure out a fix to this limitation eventually, but for now the result is they're forcing games to purchase games twice to be able to play them on their new handheld -- obviously not an ideal situation for consumers. And even though they've already announced it'll be backwards compatible with cartridge-based DS games, you have to wonder -- will the same be true with DSiWare games when the Nintendo 3DS releases as well?

 For those of you who think I blindly follow Nintendo no matter what they do, then this thread is for you.  This is exactly why I don't like digital games.  The game doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the console.  Sure, you may be able to sell your console for more I suppose, but only if you find the right buyer.  I don't care if it is technically difficult as that just means they produced a shitty set-up to begin with.  Nintendo do not have a single excuse for this.  I am seriously glad I haven't purchased any games so far (bar the 1000 free points I got) and this is a nail in the coffin of buying any until they completely resolve the issue. 
Does this bother anyone else?
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Ugh, this is why I hate digital distribution and try to avoid it whenever possible. I would even much rather buy retro consoles and cartridges than pay for a download, because of issues like that.

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And this is exactly why I love cartridges and memory cards:  you don't have to worry about using the data on a new console.
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Why is Nintendo so bad at the internet?

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Nintendo are a good way behind the other two when it comes to online services & gaming, them releasing a new model handheld which lacks compatibility with games you've already purchased, is indeed woeful. It's rude because It's perfectly natural that owners who have both machines (and the 3DS down the line), will want to try out games they have ownership rights to, on those very machines. They should have been working on this while gearing up for the XL's production.  
We need accounts, we also need the ability to spread Nintendo Points as we please across both DSI and Wii, via an online account. We also need the option of customization to accompany our accounts, give Nintendo fans an experience tailored for their own tastes. I'm sick to fucking death of the blandness that Nintendo now expresses in this modern age with it's interfaces on both DSi and Wii. I want Nintendo designed theme's and snazzy intro sequences, not crude minimalism. The hardware itself is a hurdle, the lack of decent memory storage on both DSi & Wii, will stifle many great possibilities that some Nintendo fans rightfully expected to see. 

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Wow, I didn't know that. That's horrible. I still have my DSLite, but was thinking about upgrading to an XL. But I don't really want to have stuff not transfer over to the 3DS if that's the case. Maybe I'll just hold out till E3, see what Nintendo has to say about 3DS.

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