Game & Watch Games Coming To DSiWare

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Nintendo of Japan has confirmed it's plans to bring classic Game & Watch titles to it's DSiWare download service.
The first series, Silver, will be released on July 15th - Ball, Flagman, Judge and Vermin.

Five additional titles will hit towards the end of the month and into August:

  • Chef (Wide Screen, July 29th)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (New Wide Screen, August)
  • Helmet (Gold, July 29th)
  • Manhole (Gold, August)
  • Mario's Cement Factory (New Wide Screen, August)

  • All titles will come at a minimum of 200 DSiWare points.

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    Would these be the same games from the DS game you get from Nintendo Club?

    I have 2200 points and am just 300 points short of getting the game  :-(    I don't think I will get another 2 games before the end of the month to make it there.  Everyone seems to say it is shite anyway, but I am a collector dammit.
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    They are I believe the individual games found on both collections on DS. Although I could be wrong.

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