NDX 02/28/2011

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It's 12:43 am and like an idiot I'm going to listen to the whole thing right now!

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@Red12b said:
" ...2hours "
its not what you think. :)
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You the man, well done.
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I'm sick of NDX trying to nickel and dime us users. We are entitled to free ad free content always and forever, HOW DARE YOU, SELLOUTS.

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So is this going to be the same as the Bombcast tomorrow or is there a special GDC thing?

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This train is going DEEPER.

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Most annoying ad ever. I remember when this podcast used to be about principles.

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Ohh snap

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Mind = blown.

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Thanks Jeff, keep 'em coming.

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This is awesome!

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2 hours whaaaaaaaaat?

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2 hours?  2 short.

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I am appalled and aroused at the same time. It's an... interesting sensation. 

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Great tactic. Since NDX was getting more outside audience than the giantbombcast they use its name to show people what the main podcast is actually like, in the hope of getting more listeners.

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well \if only it wasn't a bombcast..lol abit of a boo boo here i think

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Jeff. how could you release the bombcast like 18 hours early? HOW DARE YOU

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what is going on, I'm so confused, is this really happening? where is Ryan? someone check Jeff's backyard for newly disturbed ground

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this podcast is mad underground, pretty sweet.

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You insane genius

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  Nothing stops the train. Choo choo.
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VIRUS ALERT! Don't download it people! I got a virus 5 minutes in! Some crap called the bombcast started playing and I had to format my computer to be sure it was safe! VIRUS!!!!!!!!

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What just happened.

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@budokaz:  Well that was quick.
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I almost spilled my drink when I read two-hour extravaganza. Wow. Just wow. 
Chooo Choooooo

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There is a bomb on this train!

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Man, they sold out.

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Also, I wanna say that mouse + keyboard will never die. It is SO MUCH BETTER for most games. (apart from driving and fighting games)

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what the fuck is going on

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A wild Bombcast appears!

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Fuck, I want that sandwich now

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AHAHAAHAAHAHAAH! Not even GDC can stop the train!

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Jeff Gerstmann is a twisted genius.

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This was a pleasant surprise however I kind of feel bad for those who only have the Bombcast RSS feed and will miss out on this week's Bombcast.

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NDX is my favorite radio drama.

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@Rufuscrim said:
" A podcast within a podcast.... NDXCEPTION     "
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2 hours?! I can't even imagine how you could possibly drag this out for 2 hours but I'm excited to find out.

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Oh god this is the best thing ever

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I'm your host and that looks fucked up.

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The sponsor was awesome this week!

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I choo- choo- choose you!

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