NDX 02/28/2011

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#151 Edited by Grissefar (2842 posts) -

WOW! It's the Giant Bombcast in the NDX. Take THAT, Ryan!
Edit: And SWERY65 himself is in the office right now?! You can kill me now because this might be the best day of my life.
Edit 2: And Vinny played 10 more hours of Demon's Souls. Kill me again. You might aswell. My life has peaked.

#152 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2110 posts) -
@Eristocrat said:
" @Rufuscrim said:
" A podcast within a podcast.... NDXCEPTION     "
a SNES version of an inception game would be pretty sweet.
#153 Posted by gbrading (2039 posts) -

Oh yes Jeff. Oh yes.
#154 Posted by Pop (2638 posts) -

I think Ryan is gonna kill Jeff xD

#155 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

Ryan will never leave the bombcast in the hands of Jeff ever again.

#156 Posted by bassman2112 (840 posts) -

Haha, thanks for that one Jeff - that was amazing =P

#157 Posted by Burn1n9m4n (261 posts) -

Ryan is gonna Ryan!

#158 Edited by Cirdain (3090 posts) -
@RhombusOfTerror: @mantasradzas:
#159 Posted by dr_mantas (1913 posts) -

I'm late to this, and won't make any valid points... so a podcast within a podcast?
I rest my case.

#160 Posted by This_Dude (295 posts) -

Amazing,   NDX forever,    also,  new sponsors are also incredible.   loved the podcast!!!

#161 Posted by BenevolentRapist (8 posts) -

stab that dude =  pugnalata che dude    

#162 Posted by Ronald (1370 posts) -

Good on NDX for getting a sponsorship with that wonderful podcast, the Giantbombcast. 

#163 Posted by skippyscissors (387 posts) -

This is some Inception shit.

#164 Posted by sephirm87 (237 posts) -

NDX is fun, but Jeff really does need a second regular person on the podcast.

#165 Posted by FormulaDeuce (239 posts) -
@ChineseTea said:
" There is a bomb on this train! "
Once the train goes past 1:50 the bomb is armed. When it hits 1:58:06 it blows up. What do ya do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?
#166 Posted by benu302000 (213 posts) -

I want the sandwich on every NDX from now on.

#167 Edited by Zabant (1245 posts) -

I haven't listened to this yet, but the NDX is now longer than the bombcast.
This is officially past the point of crazy for me.
EDIT: This is fucking hilarious, now the Nintendo downloads are for all intents and purposes back in the bombcast as people will listen to the NDX and skip the bombcast on tueday.
Ryan is going to be so ryan.

#168 Posted by Pkshields (810 posts) -

Ryan's gotta be pissed.

#169 Posted by ds8k (412 posts) -

The day FPS games no longer support mouse and keyboard is the day I quit gaming.

#170 Posted by MadLaughter (201 posts) -

Damn son.  I just got Inception'd.

#171 Posted by Mordi (553 posts) -

Yo dawg...

#172 Posted by RE_Player1 (7561 posts) -

Jeff is tearing it up in the Canadian iTunes store. 
#173 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -
#174 Edited by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2110 posts) -

oh man, even with Alex Navarro, Jeff should have gone "deeper" and did a screened segment in the middle. 
They totally did, NDX WIN!

#175 Posted by Cirdain (3090 posts) -
@RE_Player92 said:

Jeff is tearing it up in the Canadian iTunes store.  "
Yes!!! Nothing stops THE TRAIN!!!
#176 Posted by yakov456 (1908 posts) -

Ugh, you got Screened in my Bombcast in my NDX. For shame, but I can't wait to see Ryan's reaction!

#177 Posted by Jimi (1126 posts) -


#178 Posted by ExcessDebris (146 posts) -

NDX is longer than the bombcast.... what is happennnningggggggg!! also... awesome

#179 Posted by Brendan (7817 posts) -

This is how the Nintendo downloads will once again be incorporated into the bombcast without anybody realizing.  What a devious and genius plan.  

#180 Edited by Froghourt (109 posts) -

Is there a way I can give more money to Whiskey Media? Cause I would. All the money!

#181 Posted by Kyreo (4600 posts) -
@ManiacMaysin said:
" Bombcast inside NDX. this is the Russian nesting doll of podcasts. "
Stacking 2: Podcast Edition
#182 Edited by DeF (4903 posts) -

NDX - it's a movement! (literally)

#183 Posted by MisterMouse (3554 posts) -

wow that was such a long NINTEDOWNLOAD EXPRESS... now to go listen to the bombcast... oh wait.

#184 Posted by tourgen (4514 posts) -

hahahahah amazing

#185 Edited by emem (1968 posts) -

I've been playing pretty much every game since quake that involves moving in first or third person with inverted settings. Even if I wanted I probably couldn't change to the "new" standard settings, because it feels so wrong. I hope they never get rid of the inverted option otherwise people like @Vinny will suffer.. I'd probably stop playing games lol. 
Nice bombcast by the way.

#186 Posted by SlightConfuse (3963 posts) -

its like inception but with podcasts

#187 Posted by bjorno (1418 posts) -

2 hours???

#188 Edited by Fruitcocoa (483 posts) -

Holy madness, 1 hour 56 minutes long ad in a four minute long show! Madness! MADNESS I SAY! But I love it - and the news that the train might come to Sweden... wow. CHOOCHOOOO!!!

#189 Posted by Illyr (82 posts) -

Keep it going Jeff!

#190 Posted by shintsurugi (77 posts) -

I don't... I.... What? U-um... I don't know how to handle this...  
... Rock on Jeff. Rock. On.

#191 Posted by avantegardener (1127 posts) -

Riding an empty train on the rails is just wasteful.

#192 Posted by Aaron_G (1615 posts) -

Its a podcast inside a podcast! MIND=BLOWN!

#193 Posted by Civraz (392 posts) -
@Catarrhal said:
" Jeff Gerstmann is a twisted genius. "
#194 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11795 posts) -

#195 Posted by taradactyl (4 posts) -

You guys should get Night Train Express to be your second official sponsor.  The edginess of the wine will be the prefect compliment to the robust flavors of the nintendownload x-press.

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