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The DS Vision and its special micro SD cart.
Announced back in october 2007 by Satoru Iwata the DS vision is Nintendo's new media store that could be compared to Apple their iTunes. The "game" cart comes with a special secured 512 micro SD cart that is preloaded with the films Lucario and Mystery of Mew as well as some sample images. In order to download files to the DS vision a special USB cable that comes in the box is needed. The DS vision is developed by AM3 the company that made the Media Player for the Game Boy Advance.

In no way is the DSvision a standard media player, only files from Nintendo's DSvision server can be put on the Micro SD cart.

Types of media offered

In order to download files to the DS vision the micro SD cart must be connected to a PC and access a special Nintendo website, The media files proposed in this Nintendo server are mangas, films, books, museum guides, TV programs and others for a certain fee. Video files cost between 500 and 1000 yen, E-Books are in the 100, 600 yen range.

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