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The Dual Scream was a device designed and by Professor E. Gadd in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon to assist Luigi on his quest to recover the Dark Moon shards and capture ghosts. It’s design is based of the 1st model of the Nintendo DS and the name “Dual Scream” a pun on “dual screen” - the abbreviation “DS” in Nintendo DS although the Professor claims he thought of the name after noticing the scared look in Luigi‘s eye partway through the first mission of the game. It functions very similarly to the Game Boy Horror from the original Luigi’s Mansion and allows Luigi to communicate with E. Gadd whilst he explores the various locations in the game. It also displays Luigi’s current mission objectives and shows a map of the current location on the 3DS’s touch screen. The ringtone which plays when the Professor calls Luigi is a remix of the Luigi’s Mansion theme.

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