Analog sticks being somewhat adhesive.

#1 Posted by NTM (8285 posts) -

I was wondering if anyone else has this. After a good amount of time of not using the controller (say, a day or more), the analog sticks have a weird feeling to them, where you put your thumbs on them, and ever so slightly whenever you take your fingers off, it kind of sticks. It's as if sweat was on them or it was sitting in a sauna and the material started to melt, but that's not it at all, my hands rarely sweat when I play (though my brothers does). Whenever anyone else uses the controller, if their hands sweat, I always wipe the controller down with a wet rag, so someone else using the controller isn't the problem, though in a way it may have been since it could be a sign that the DualShock is wearing out.

So, does anyone else have this? My biggest complaint about the controller is this; I just wish I could somehow replace the PS3 analog sticks with the 360 ones, 'cause the 360 analog sticks don't do that. I hope this makes sense, 'cause it's somewhat hard to explain more if I didn't do it just now. It's not the kind of sticky that you'd get if you were to have sticky hands and then touch the controller (which is not something I'd ever do anyways). After you touch the sticks with your thumb and then feel your thumbs with your index finger, it's like you're taking something off of it. It will somewhat help the sticks if I wipe the controller down with the wet rag. If you need me to elaborate, I'll try my best. Could it be because the analog sticks are wearing out?

If so, then that's my one complaint about the DualShock, and I think Sony, if they're going to have the same kind of controller next-gen, they need to change the material so it doesn't do that.

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Yup, happens here too. Even when I don't pee on them.

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Whenever I don't use my Dualshock 2s and 3s for more than a week or so, the sticks get covered in sticky goo. It's always on one of the sticks but never the other one. Which stick it happens to always changes. Sony ghosts, probably.

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YES! I notice this exact same thing! Sometimes when I don't play my PS3 for two or three months it builds and actually turns into a full-on goo resting on the sticks. It's really, really weird.

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So it's not just me ? Thank god ! I thought I had really greasy fingers or something :'O

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You guys are soooooo dirtayyyyyy

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The rubber in the PS3 sticks is extremely porous, so any sweat/moisture on your fingers (despite how much you clean them, your fingers will always have moisture), or even humidity in the air will get trapped, and will release over long periods of inactivity.

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Yep. Same thing happened to my PS2 controllers also.

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Ugh, I hate PS3 analog sticks than. Sony needs to fix that. I like both DualShock and 360 controllers the same, but that's the one thing I dislike. If I had any complaint about the 360 controller, it'd be that, while I don't mind the triggers, you can potentially shoot much faster in shooters with R1 on a DualShock compared to RT on the 360 controller since you don't have to push down as much.

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