I would love official PC drivers for that PS4 controller.

#1 Posted by wastedcolumbo (70 posts) -

That thing looks like it could be damned near perfect for HTPCs especially with that touchpad.

I know they won't release them though. :(

#2 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I'd rather buy one of those nice wireless Logitech keyboards with a built-in trackpad, hard for me to call it perfect when there's no way to type using it. (for a HTPC that is a big checkbox if you ask me)

#3 Posted by wastedcolumbo (70 posts) -

I'm thinking of Steam big picture mode, the amount of times I've booted into something like a ubisoft game and had to go find my mouse because uplay is a mouse driven interface... it's annoying. And with a decent D-pad it would beat a 360 controller for me especially if they've tightened up the analog sticks.

#4 Edited by DaMisterChief (628 posts) -

Its probably possible since Watch Dogs was running on a PC

#5 Edited by Andorski (5365 posts) -

It would be nice, but only if developers added support in their games. Even if the DS4 had an easy plug and play setup on the PC, I would still use the 360 controller if all the button prompts were still the 360's control layout.

As for having to deal with the annoyance of using a mouse to just simply hitting okay when a game's launcher pops out, I have been using an iPhone app that allows me to use the phone as my computer's touchpad. If you are the type of person who always has their phone on them, you can just get the app and never have to use your mouse when you're sitting in front of your TV ready to play a game on a controller.

#6 Posted by Galiant (2195 posts) -

Sure. But they don't have to be official, I use my DS3 on my PC for playing stuff already. Someone will figure it out.

#7 Posted by MattShea369 (1 posts) -

Hey guys, the DS4 works on PC as a plug and play controller. Everything except the trackpad as mouse and motion control work! Oh, and currently no wireless.

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