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The Duck Hunt Dog is a dog that serves as the player's hunting dog in the game Duck Hunt. At the beginning of each round, the dog will sniff for the scent of ducks until he catches a whiff and jumps behind tall grass to chase the fowl out into the open for the player to shoot. When the player successfully shoots down a duck, the dog will rise out of the grass holding the downed bird as a sign of success.

However, the dog is more widely known for its reaction to the player's failure. If the player fails to shoot a duck before it flies away, the dog will rise up and taunt the player with a fit of derisive laughter. The dog also laughs when the player fails to shoot enough ducks to clear the round, resulting in a Game Over. As a common joke among the generation that grew up playing Duck Hunt, everyone that suffered the constant mockery of the dog's laughter wanted nothing more than to be able to exact vengeance by shooting him using the Zapper Light Gun; an act not allowed by the home version of the game. It was only possible in the arcade version of the game, Vs. Duck Hunt.

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