DuckTales! OH! NO!

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Diamond is 2D.

Cake is 3D.

Scrooge is 2D.

Chest is 3D.

Ghost is 2D.

Knight is 3D.

Huey is 2D.

Cage is 3D.

Mine cart is 3D.

Background is 2D.

Background is 3D.

Scrooge is tiny.

Scrooge is huge.

Why the fuck is Scrooge always smiling? Why the fuck is he cute?

I'm glad this game is being made. I'm glad it's being made by WayForward. I'm glad Jake Kaufman, the God of Gods, is scoring it. I'm ecstatic about the voice work they secured. I'd be a rampaging fool not to buy it and support the idea of making this game.

But every bone in my aging, nostalgic, still-watches-DuckTales-and-still-replays-the-game-annually body is recoiling in disgust at how they are handling the art.

This game deserved proper, 2D, hand painted(erly) backgrounds in the style of the show. They had a chance to make the definitive DuckTales version, and instead they are making a sort of ugly accidental paper mario.

And they added a mine cart section. Yet they kept the god damn mother fucking respawning enemies. This game, from the demo I watched, from the trailer, from every screenshot, is wall to wall incoherence. Who's got the thinking cap on over there?

#1 Posted by MEATBALL (3896 posts) -

I really don't like the look of it, and I think Wayforward are pretty great.

#2 Edited by DarkShaper (1362 posts) -

The fist time any new Wayforward game is shown I think it looks bad so I'm keeping an open mind about this one.

#3 Posted by Kieran_Smith5 (169 posts) -

You can still go back and play the original.

#4 Edited by Poppduder (477 posts) -

They already stated in an interview that a lot of the visuals are non-final

#5 Posted by cmblasko (1472 posts) -

I thought it looked fine.

#6 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

The game looks good.

#7 Posted by mrfluke (5654 posts) -

You can still go back and play the original.

kinda this,

gotta remember that this game isnt coming out till summer, and they have said that the game is still very early.

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