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For those of you that haven't yet picked up this title or currently playing through, would greatly recommend to NOT use the Skip Cinematic feature when hitting start on PS3 (may be same issue with xbox 360). There is apparently a fairly good possibility the game with become "out of sync" with background items causing loss of gameplay, frustration etc etc. Happened on multiple occasions but worse case example below:

Case example: Extreme difficulty, 8 lives after defeating final boss, cinematic for number 1 dime race starts to play, hit "Skip Cinematic" feature. Continue to burn through all 8 lives getting to the dime first, but character unable to interact with coin on ground to complete level. /GG

So, whenever possible REFRAIN from using skip option...just lots of frustration in the end.

Peace out.

Edit: Per Wayforward, apparently a patch in the works to address this issue is in development. No ETA on when released.

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