Duck Tales...Make this Happen Warren Spector (Interview)

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The NES and Gameboy games were so awesome. A portion of a 1up interview with Warren Spector...

1up: (laughs) I want to know what your ideal DuckTales or Uncle Scrooge game would be; what history would it follow? Would it be the newer Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck? Would it be the older Carl Barks stuff? Would it be the adaptations that were seen in the cartoon? What would your ideal version of that game be?
WS: I don't want to get too specific here because I really do want to do it. But I'm a huge fan of Carl Barks and I particularly like his longer-form adventures. He was a master at one and two-page little vignettes, but he was also pretty masterful at the 24-page -- or even longer -- epic adventure. And I think that's the quality of Barks that I would want to maintain; that sense of epic adventure, that sense that anything is possible in this world, that magic exists, that dinosaurs still exist somewhere... That a duck can be Indiana Jones, basically. That's what I'd want to keep.
I think the DuckTales TV show did a pretty good job of that; I think they lost some of the adult sensibility -- there were things going on in Carl Barks' stories that clearly appeal to kids, but went right over their heads. And that sort of Looney Tunes/Carl Barks -- there's stuff for adults and kids -- I'd want to go back to that. But a lot of what Barks did I don't think would play with kids today because I think the pacing would be a little too slow. I don't think you need to update the characters; the Disney characters are timeless and classic. I think what you have to do is put them in relevant settings, things that people care about today. And so I would probably be looking for some slightly different contexts, some slightly different types of stories; faster pacing, but still going for that sense of epic adventure.
In terms what kind of game I would make -- let's just say it probably wouldn't be Like Disney Epic Mickey. I have other ideas for what you could do in a DuckTales universe. Maybe I'll get to do something.

Full Interview:

I like how he's thinking, I think this is definitely the way to go. I reckon if anyone out there wants this to happen, they have to buy Epic Mickey 2, which does look awesome, exactly what you expect from a Disney game in this age. And if it's true the camera is sorted out, I thinks there's little to fear. The first game was a shocker as far as the camera was concerned, the very nature of the gameplay, removing walls, objects and whatnot, didn't help at all. I like how he emphasises he adventuring aspect, because that's what I remember from those early games.

That Duck Tales Intro Screen...Still Epic

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