Duck Tales- A Woo-ooh!

#1 Posted by Yatesy (68 posts) -

Duck Tales was surely one of the greatest games for the NES, and I have very fond memories of playing through this bona fide classic. It was pretty easy, and you could blow through its relatively few stages extremely quickly, but the satisfying pogo-stick game mechanics, coupled with some of the catchiest music on the system, made it a must-own game for the NES.

#2 Posted by Relys (984 posts) -

Duck tails was also one of the greatest things period.

The 2nd one was probably my favorite game on the NES.

#3 Posted by Jost1 (2078 posts) -

This game is a genuine classic and deserves all the praise it can get

#4 Posted by Ninjafern (421 posts) -

Duck Tales was SO great.  I wish I still had my copy.

#5 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

I've finished this game so many times I lost count.
The Moon theme from this game is one of my favorite chiptunes ever


Some crazy fool apparently made lyrics to it as well

#6 Posted by CountRockula (398 posts) -

I loved Duck Tales back in the day, and yes the moon music was awesome.  If they were to re-release this game on the Virtual Console, I might buy a Wii tomorrow.

#7 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

Yeah Duck Tales was awesome, so was Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, especially in Co Op.

Unfortunately it is unlikely both will be release on the VC due to licensing issues. I read something a little while back from a Capcom rep. I ended up buying it Chip as a result, but I still need Duck Tales...

#8 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I never actually played them, definitely interested though as Duck Tales was awesome.

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