Looking for rare poster featuring Playstation/N64 versions.

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Heya all.

I've had this poster since I was a kid, and loved it to bits it's my favorite poster in the world, to my knowledge it was given away with CVG magazine (computer and videogames) in the UK many years ago, the front is the classic duke artwork, standing on a pile of ammo with a nuclear blast in the background, and a hand emerging from the bullets in the foreground. And it's huge, A1 size.

On the reverse, is a weapon and graphic comparison of the N64 and PS1 versions of the game, detailing the features unique to each (why they did that will always puzzle me...)

But yeah, basicly, this thing has survived 4 house moves, (will be a 5th tommorow) and it survived the day my parents threw out everything game related I owned (many years ago now)

Short of the long, it will NOT survive another move, and I want a replacement for it. I'm not willing to pay horrendous amounts of money, but, I do recognise it is worth a substantial amount for a poster, I have never seen one on eBay, and i've never seen anyone else with a similar poster.

Anyone know where I can get one? If not, no worries. Duke Rules :)

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