Duke Nukem Forever First Access ClubCode (From Steam Borderlands)

#1 Posted by XxRANGAxX (309 posts) -

Just for those who brought borderlands from steam during the weekend sale, i noticed in my steam history it says i now own Duke Nukem Forever First Access ClubCode, i was all like wtf then i went into my steam library and clicked view game CD key for borderlands and there is a key there titled "Duke Nukem Forever First Access ClubCode" anyone know what the fuck this is for? i tried to register the code with steam but dose nothing...

#2 Posted by Gargantuan (1890 posts) -

It gives you access to the DNF demo.

#3 Posted by InsidiousTuna (479 posts) -

@XxRANGAxX: Gave you access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo a week before it went freely available.

#4 Posted by XxRANGAxX (309 posts) -

the code dose nothing on steam......

@InsidiousTuna: that dosnt make sense why would steam give it to me with borderlands i only brought borderlands last week and its quite obvious Duke Nukem Forever has been out for a little bit now...

#5 Posted by Winternet (8238 posts) -

There's something regarding a multiplayer add-on. Members of the club will get that for free? I don't know. I also have this key. If anyone wants it I'll gladly give it away.

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