Has anyone beaten the high score in the pinball machine?

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@Demoskinos: It's been driving me nuts. I ended up skipping it, but I'm thinking there might be ego or a cheevo to it. If the physics were a little better, maybe I would have kept trying. The same with getting all the pool balls in the pockets without scratching.

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If you get one million points you get an achievement. You can also move the table around with your movement controls if that helps.

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@jams: Same thing!  Dude I so got all the balls in the holes exccept for the 8 ball and then  hit the cue ball in the pocket.     Irritated the hell out of me.  Lol.
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@VelvetLore04: Just looked at the steam achievement list...   yup... thats it.   Damn!   Watch that be the only achievement that keeps me from getting a S-Rank!
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@Demoskinos: It took me a few tries, but I finally did it. Try to keep the ball in the top left corner as long as you can.

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I've got balls of fail.

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Best I could do.

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@Overbite: Way better than anything I've come close to doing.  Lol.
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Good luck.

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Welp. I beat Duke today. First game I've beaten in one sitting in a long time. Got 850 gs but that pinball machine can go straight to hell. I don't know how people do it.

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I got 880.000 roughly and then it the side blockers went out and the ball shot off right down it. zero power to stop it. I had gotten for the first time the 8x combo.
So i often get above the ego boost 280.000 just its a hard task after that.
The pool table it took me a while but i pot all the balls. I just had to do it. was down to the last ball once then hut the ball it bounced off the table.

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I haven't tried it yet, and I'm not looking forward to it but this looks like it might work 

  This achievement is probably about as "fun" to get as that godawful win airhockey 7 - 0 was. After spending like an hour fighting shitty table controls and bad physics on the air hockey table, I don't want to see another one in a long time. I assume this will similarly fuck up pinball for me too. Maybe some Devil's Crush might ease the pain after.
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@Akyho:  Exactly what happened to me got allll that way up there was excited... got one bad ball and BAM game over.  =(     Sucks you don't earn any free balls after so many points like you can on some real pinball machines.
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The air hocky one was super easy for me. Cause the other guy doesnt even try. All you gotta do it smack the puck and return your hand to the middle. 

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@The_Laughing_Man: Yeah, I've found bouncing the peg off the sides actually helps score a fair chunk of the time too.
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@briangodsoe: dont know if this translated to the game at all but i got 7-0 my first try in air hockey and i always win at that game in RL... yay.. Pool, ah so frustrating 3 times i was down to the last ball and would scratch i swear the twins where mocking me. so mad... and i am part of the balls of fail club. F pin ball.
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Finally got the Million Points last night.   That took way to long.    I  vow Duke Nukem Forever the first Steam game that I S-Rank though!   

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That table is kind of bad plus there's a glitch so you can boost

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